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Growlab led grow lights

The Growlab led grow lights features state of the art diodes that give full spectrum for your plants so that they grow lusciously and healthily all year long. If you are looking for a good grow led light for your hydroponics system, then look no further.

With the rise in hydroponic system comes many challenges and one among them is choosing an efficient grow lights. When it comes to grow lights there are more than hundreds of websites that promise quality product with matching spectrum. But zeroing on one of them lies the future of your plant yields.

But among all the led lights stands out Growlab led grow light that has been voted as No.1 of the “Most trusted LED grow light brand”. Yes, believe it or not many horticulturists and plant growers have got excellent harvest after utilizing this product. So what exactly makes this product stand out among the rest of the led grow lights? Let’s see.

For starters, the lumens of the Growlab led grow lights comes with 3w / 10w diodes that is installed in a single panel to give the plants exactly what they need. These lumens match the wavelength of the plants thereby completing the process of photosynthesis with absolute ease. The most required lights for plants are red and blue spectrum which is effectively delivered to the plants by the grow lights. Many standard HID lights deliver only a small quantity of spectrum and almost 80% of the lumens are wasted without any use.

The Growlab led grow lights come with inbuilt red combined with blue LEDs that help the plants through different stages of plant growth such as flowering and vegetation. That being said, I would like to add that this led light features a grow cycle switch that gives you the discretion to change the spectrum and its intensity according to the stage of plant growth. The best feature of grow lights is the elimination of additional tools such as reflectors, ballasts etc. that eat up your growing space. These led grow lights come in a compact size that easily fits the growing room without you bumping into the internal equipment’s.

The latest addition to the features of Growlab led grow lights arrive with Diamond series lens that is built to deliver equal amount of spectrum in all areas of your grow room so that no area is left uncovered. This will prevent the occurrence of hotspots in the grow room.

Another best part of these grow lights are they do not overheat the grow room. They are cool to touch even when in use and do not heat up the growing area unlike other grow lights in the market. They come with internal air cooling system that resists building up of thermal inside the grow light thereby preventing any mishap. There is a big hand of Growlab led grow lights in keeping the energy bills low for you. In fact they can save from 50% to 90% on your utility bills unlike other HID lights in the market. The right kind of grow light has a lifetime of six times more life than low quality HID system.

If all this is not enough, the Growlab led grow lights come with a 90 day money back guarantee and complete grow guide that gives you good tips and tricks on how to grow your plants right from the germination to the harvesting stage.

There are many reviews from real users who have tried on this product and have given their response after much usage. The grow light has received 4 to 5 star ratings not only in its official website but many other websites. Yes, there is a downside that led grow lights come at an expensive price but think of the things you won’t need such as reflectors, ballasts and the money you will be saving on them. A quality owned grow light can make you rich by delivering excellent yields. I leave it to you to opt for the compatible partner for your plants.

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