Habitat 48 l 84-105 Plant Aquaponics System

A habitat is an ecosystem where the plants and animals live together in harmony and when it says habitat aquaponics, it has something to do with water. The Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system is a similar ecosystem that can be placed indoors where the plants and fishes grow together. It is an advanced version of an aquarium where we have the fishes as focus and the aquatic plants will be one or two. Here in this plant aquaponics system the fishes and plants get equal importance and are mutually benefited by providing for each other. From a plant point of view the mission is, ‘you give me nutrients and I will give you fresh water’.

The Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system

It makes a 300 gallon fish tank, two raft beds and a media bed to make this Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system. The two raft beds together holds 84-105 plants in them. The unit can be further expanded using another raft bed. The two beds make a whopping 48 sq ft area of planting and the yield is 480 pounds in a year.

The Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system kit includes a user manual, air pump and stones, water pump, pre cut hoses and plumbing, seed kit having non GMO seeds, control valves to regulate the water flow, water testing kit, seaweed with iron, a tank cover and clay pebbles for the plant substrate.

How it works

The Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system makes organic growing with no use of artificial nutrients. The plants are fed on the organic waste from the growing fishes. When the dirty water from the fish tank is transferred to the rafts, the plants utilize this organic waste. These wastes are converted into nitrates by the good bacteria in the water. It is used by the plants for their growth. As the nutrients are used, the water again becomes fresh and is transferred back into the fish tank. By this time another stock of dirty water will be ready and the same cycle continues for long.

The relevance of Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system

The world is thickly populated that there is less space for the plants and animals. Aquaponics fact remains that Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system is a part of the initiative to have an artificial natural ecosystem that benefits the humans also. Both the fish and plants get a place to live and they complement each other so well and as a byproduct we get fresh air to breathe. The satisfaction of doing something for the nature is also an added attraction. There is no best plants for aquaponics as you can grow almost anything and everything in Habitat plant aquaponics system.

Easily growing plants make a good choice for the Habitat 48 l 84-105 plant aquaponics system. Herbs, tomatoes, or other vegetables are all suited to grow in this habitat plant aquaponics system. Here only the fishes are fed and they provide the feed for the plants and we just need to monitor the growth and do the harvest when it is time. Gardening cannot be more easier than this.

Recommended Plants and Fish for your Aquaponics system:

When you are planning to build aquaponics system make sure the nature of your fish and your plants have similar interests. Of course, you need to make some compromise but if they are closer you will have a good success with your aquaponics system.

Fish in aquaponics:

  1. tilapia
  2. sunfish
  3. crappie
  4. koi
  5. blue gill/brim
  6. fancy goldfish
  7. pacu

You can also raise other fishes such as yellow perch, catfish, barramundi, carp etc.

Plants that go well with aquaponics system:

  1. pak choi
  2. arugula
  3. basil
  4. watercress
  5. kale
  6. chives
  7. swiss chard or other house plants

Other plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, peas, beans, squash need high level of nutritional demands that need to be met and requires stocked aquaponics system.

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