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Hesi Coco 20 Liter Nutrient Starter Kit Review

Hesi Coco 20 Liter

Planning to grow Coco? Hesi Coco 20 Liter is specially designed to help your coco plants grow healthy and definite yields all through the year.

With the perfect combo of the three vital nutrients – Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, Hesi Coco 20 Liter binds all the nutrients in perfect proportions to give you promising yields leaving you no place for doubt. Here are some of the features that come with Hesi Coco 20 Liter for your coco plants:

1. If you are growing coca plants indoors negating the use of soil, then you can include these nutrients in the water stored in the reservoir. Simply mix the recommended dosage and watch your babies grow.

2. These ingredients have been stabilized and contains many other vitamins that are essential for proper plant growth.

3. The phosphorus in the Hesi Coco 20 Liter, often considered a true macro-nutrient, is one of the key ingredient that motivates the plant to grow more without any hassles. Not many know but phosphorus does not exist at all and gets mixed with oxygen which gives you phosphate or phosphorus which is used as a major fertilizer in plants.

4. The ingredients of Hesi Coco 20 Liter, when used in hydroponic system, accumulates in the stems, leaves and energizes the plants right from the roots and deliver adequate supply of nutrients that are very much needed by the plants.

5. Who wants healthy coco plants that delivers great amount of yields? We all do and the three components of Hesi Coco 20 Liter helps you get just that. Potassium helps in proper reproduction of plants thereby promoting bigger and higher yields. Just make sure your grow tent comes with extendable poles because once you include Hesi Coco 20 Liter in your plant’s daily diet, your plants really start “growing” without a doubt provided you give it special attention and care.

6. This plant food helps in defining the shape, size, color, taste and other attributes that is featured in a perfect plant.

7. The potassium in Hesi Coco 20 Liter maintains the photosynthesis and activates the enzymes that are important for production of ATP (energy source) that focuses on many chemical processes that take place in the plant body.

8. Hesi Coco 20 Liter contains other main ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc etc. and more that prevents your plants from uneven fruit ripening, unhealthy roots, or attack of pests by strengthening the resistance in the plant body.

9. For those who want deep green leaves and a strong root, Hesi Coco 20 Liter is there for you. It contains the invincible nitrogen that is a favorite of many veggies as they deliver good amount of foliage such as turf grass, lettuce, tomatoes etc. and many more.

10. If your plant is looking yellowish with withered leaves, then it is probably suffering from nitrogen deficiency. With proper mix of all the three ingredients, NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) Hesi Coco 20 Liter gives you optimum results.

Hesi Coco 20 Liter comes without any added harmful chemicals or salts that gives you the best results at the end of harvest which can be seen for itself. The recommended dosage is 50 ml for 10 liters of nutrient filled water. As it is soluble, it easily mixes with water and doesn’t leave any residue during growing and blooming stage.

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