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Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600

iPower 600 watt Super HPS Grow Light Bulb

Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 comes with both HPS and MH grow bulbs that comes with dimmable option to help the plants in different stages of plant growth. Read on to know how Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 can change the result of harvest used mostly in hydroponics system.

Introduction to hydroponic system changed the face of growing indoors. With the apt hydroponic system and the perfect grow bulbs, you can easily get healthy yields. A correct grow bulb can get your uber level yields without trying too hard.

If you are looking for a good quality grow bulbs, then Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 will do the job. It comes with HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) bulbs that can be utilized for different stages of plant life. For instance, the HPS can help the plants during its vegetation stage and the MH grow bulb can help them during the flowering stage.

With Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 comes an 8” Cooltube reflector with XL Wing that comes with reflective material. This will give you effective lumens at all areas of your grow room without leaving out any corner area. The reflector helps in expanding the spectrum of your grow bulbs to prevent any hot spots. It also features a cool tube that is meant to maximize the airflow and keeping the whole system cool at all times.

The Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 comes with Overheat protection i.e. if at any point of time, the unit crosses a specific degree, it will automatically shut off the system thereby preventing any damage to your grow area. While the HPS grow bulb gives 85,000 of lumens, MH bulbs gives away 55,000 lumens to your plants. The best part of the Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 is they come with adjustable features such as you can place them either vertically or horizontally at your discretion.

You will also find two heavy duty latches that enables you to hang the reflector and the other one to connect the hanger to the ceiling. They are made out of solid steel that stays intact resisting the rough weathers. The 24hr analog timer that comes with the Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 helps you to control the duration of the grow bulbs. So even in case you forget to switch off the lights manually, the analog timer makes sure they go ‘on’ and ‘off’ at the preset timer.

Another feature is the dimmable feature that come with Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600. In case you feel that the lumens is too bright, you can simply dim it with a single switch. Most gardeners use this during the varying stages of plant life.

The benefit of using Hortilife ipower grow bulb 600 with dimmable ballast is the ballast takes care of the current overload. It supplies only the needed current to the system thereby preventing burning a hole in your pocket with high utility bills. The grow bulb goes easily with any household sockets – 110 – 120v, so you need not bother about going for extra tools to get your job done.

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