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How Twitter Can Teach You About Hydroponics – Building Hydroponic Systems With A Single Tweet

Who doesn’t know the fact about a single tweet that took the entire world by shock that Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden was shot dead by the US Army? White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer tweeted, “POTUS to address the nation tonight at 10.30 PM Eastern Time”.

At that time no one knew what the heck was going on and what the President was going to say but it was eventually figured out that something important and…within 30 minutes of time exact, half of the world knew that the life of Bin Laden has come to an end.

Such is the power of technology. From having a paartayyyyy to fighting crime, there are millions of tweets sent to the world passing on wide information about anything and everything. So why not gardening?

Say Hello To The World Of Hashtag

#hydroponics and you will find yourself in a world of hydroponic gardening. From simple guides to building a greenhouse, there are many useful tips shared by hydroponics wizards for newbies who are taking their first step in hydroponic gardening.

Get yourself followed or start following a page for staying updated on latest news on hydroponic gardening. The world of twitter seems quite simple but has many benefits working underneath especially for those who know how to use it tactfully. Here are few of them…FYI.

  • If you are a company, it enables you to take a step forward by enhancing the customer service thus offering you an opportunity to manage and handle customers and their queries directly. This single ability offers you the power to take advantage over your competitors who are not aware of the power Twitter possesses.
  • It also helps you to generate good amount of traffic for your sites. For instance, if you are a company that offers hydroponics system, you can effectively use twitter to grab customer’s attention with your special offers, announce any contests and so on. You can connect your website by providing a valuable link that will help in creating a ‘brand’ or simply raising the level of your company in the gardening pedestal.
  • Few even use hydroponics to keenly observe their competitors or simply for sharing info. If you are a blogger, you can use twitter to boost your posts by linking it to tweets.
  • If you are an individual who is basically looking for guides and starters on how to grow hydroponics plants or looking for the best grow lights then you will find some of the best pages that have connecting links to guides that can help you out with your doubts.

For instance, @HowHydroponics (How to hydroponics) has more than 19.4K followers where the page offers all latest info, guides and so on about soilless gardening.

@Hydroponics_Inc is another page that has more than 10.1K followers and is growing everyday who offer to serve the needs of garden lovers by allowing them to visit their retail stores and pick products that are seemingly benefiting soilless growing such as nutrients, grow media and so on.

Growing With Twitter

While gardening is a hobby or a passion that binds us emotionally, communicating and staying updated with the world is another way of socializing and triggers a sense of individuality motivating us to share what we know about gardening and adapt the techniques and tricks from the masters of gardening. From achieving plant success to knowing what kind of lights are best for your plants that also encourage power saving, you are bound to be enlightened by how twitter and hydroponics will work for you.

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