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HTG Supply 150W HPS Grow Light Kit

Are you looking for grow lights for your indoor grow system? Then HTG Lumatek grow light system is advised for you. They come at an affordable price that will help you to grow big plants without any compromise on quality especially in hydroponics systems.

The abrupt bloom in the field of hydroponics has triggered many people to go for indoor gardening using the very much beneficial hydroponics system. Not only this delivers optimum grow results, but will also give you the freedom from fertilizers/pesticides that are slowly eradicating human life from the earth.

Coming back to the point, when you are owning a grow system, it is important to have a good quality grow light as it can really make a difference on your plants. If you are looking for opting for best grow lights, then HTG lumatek grow light system can really help you get better yields burning a hole on your pocket.

The HTG lumatek grow light system is available in two watts – 400w and 600w. You can choose the one best for you depending on your growing area. This grow system comes with many benefits such as ballast, reflectors, bulbs and many more. Let’s check how it works.

  • A powerful efficient product that comes with single 600w/400w HPS high output grow bulb. This bulb delivers intense lumens that can really work for your plants by giving them the much needed spectrum that can enable proper photosynthesis making the plants denser and nutritious.
  • The Maxwing reflector gives immense support to your grow lights by delivering optimum lumens to the plants. With the help of reflectors, the chances of hot spots are less as they reflect back the lumens received from the grow light providing lights everywhere.
  • HTG lumatek grow light system is compatible with both HPS and MH lamps that will curb down your expenses of buying separate tools altogether for different grow lamps.
  • The system comes with designed ventilation that provides you efficient cooling without overheating the overall temperature.
  • The HTG lumatek grow light system is absolutely lightweight that makes it easy to carry around. The compact feature enables you to fix it where ever  you want without having to worry about banging your head in the system.
  • It comes with unique rubber feet that works silently without disturbing your system.
  • Best of all, the HTG lumatek grow light system comes with two year pro-rated and three year complete warranty which can give you replacement parts if you want.

The bulbs of the HTG lumatek grow light system comes with a good lifespan that will give you peace of heart as you need not bother about investing money in low quality bulbs that need frequent change. Your grow light needs a replacement every 12 to 18 months.

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150W HPS Grow Light w/ kit
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