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HTG lumatek grow light

You very well know how vital grow lights are especially when you are growing plants indoors with a hydroponic set up. These grow lights replicate the natural daylight thereby helping the plants to get proper photosynthesis thereby generating good yields all year long.

The HTG lumatek grow light from HTG supply provides quality product that will last a good life without giving you any trouble. Don’t believe me?? Check out some of the features and take a decision yourself.

The grow bulb comes is all bright and gives a good amount of energy to your plants without leaving any place for hot spots. Hot spots are areas where the lights are unable to reach especially in corner areas of the grow tent. You will also get a Maxwing reflector that adds an icing to the cake. This reflector promotes equal delivery of lumens to all areas of the grow tent without leaving a spot.

  • The HTG lumatek grow light has a quiet operation and is absolutely lightweight to carry.
  • A 600 watt HTG lumatek digital grow light system that is both powerful and efficient. You will get a specialty HPS high output grow bulb for optimum results. This output grow bulb is preferred by many horticulturists for delivering the best harvest.
  • The system comes with electronic remote ballast that helps you to control the dimming/brightness capacity along with its other features such as changing the frequency from high to low. The ballast prevents any overload or fluctuation to the grow system and gives a steady amount of current to the lights. Another plus point of the ballast is its capability to operate on both HPS and MH lamps.
  • The grow light system comes with unique fin design that exhausts out the heat thereby keeping the system cool even during fluctuating seasons.
  • Rubber feet has been included in HTG lumatek grow light system which will curb any noise or vibration. It also helps in proper air circulation thereby preventing overheating.
    The grow light comes with internal resin coating that gives an added protection against moisture, dirt and abrasion thus making the product durable.
  • The external circuit breaker safeguards the whole grow light system honestly. It is completely automated and is designed to protect the system from damage via short circuit.
  • Since the HTG lumatek grow light system works on any outlet (120v or 240v), it is perfectly safe for any household outlet.
  • Finally, HTG lumatek grow light comes with a 3 year complete warranty and 2 years pro-rated in case of any replacement or issues.

Bottomline, there are many people who have used this HTG lumatek grow light and have found it quite useful. It has received 5 star ratings in many hydroponic websites from real users who have derived good results from it. If you are looking for a complete grow light system for your hydroponic grow room, look no further. So here’s to happy gardening and do not forget to put a note to me on how the whole experience was for you.

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HTG lumatek grow light
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