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Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients

Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients

Humboldt Nutrients is a unique company that offers world’s best hydroponic, natural and organic nutrients, additives and gardening supplies for healthy plants. It is dedicated to offer the finest products at affordable prices. Moreover, the dedicated team is constantly searching new ways to improve existing products and introducing new ones suitable for both soil and hydroponics systems.

Hum-Bolt is one of these innovative products by Humboldt Nutrients. Hum-Bolt by Humboldt Nutrients is available in varied sizes including 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 gal., 2.5 gal., 5 gal and 15 gallons.

Content of Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal.

Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients contains 8% humic acid that is helpful in promoting high ion exchange capabilities in plants. In addition, it stimulates plant enzymes and also increases beneficial organisms. It acts as an organic catalyst to increase the plant production.

Hum-Bolt consists of 8% highly concentrated humic acid derived from premium Leonardite. Leonardite is extracted from a mine that is popular to produce the highest quality shale. This useful nutrient fulfills the years of humic acid absence from the soil. Humic acid disappears from the soil due to either erosion or over-farming.

The Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients contains non-plant food ingredient i.e. 8% Humic Acid that is derived from premium Leonardite.

Fortunately, the recent studies and research have proven long-stated claims about humic acid. It has proven the benefits of humic acid that you as a gardeners, farmers, or plant health experts know for generations.


Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients is formulated in highly concentrated form to offer vigorous plant growth in soil, hydroponics or foliar use. The correct quantity as recommended should be used to achieve fruitful results. In hydroponics application you can use 1 tsp per gallon of reservoir water. Always, make a practice to change nutrient solution every week to avoid excess sediment. For general or soil application you can use 1-2 tsp per gallon of water every 1-2 weeks. For foliar Application, use 1-5 ml per gallon of finished spray solution.

To get the most benefits from Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients, use it in conjunction with nutrient feeding schedules. This will help you to both measure and monitor feeding at all plant life stages. With Hum-Bolt – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients you not only enhance the plant health but also succeed as a gardener.

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