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LuxStar6 4′ T5 Fluorescent Light (Grow Bulbs)

If you are planning to build your own hydroponic system, then you need efficient fluorescent grow lights to get better yields. This article is completely devoted to how hydroponic fluorescent lights can really help your hydroponic system to get good number of harvest all year long.

Fluorescent grow lights is one of the most economical choice you will be making if you are planning to build your own DIY hydroponic system. There are different types of fluorescent grow lights such as T5, T8 etc. and many more. They are quite efficient than the incandescent lights in many ways such as less heat emission, less utility bills and more lumens.

Hydroponic fluorescent lights are available in 6500K range that ideal for growing plants in a grow room. Fluorescent grow lights come with cool, warm or full spectrum. When you get the wide spectrum grow light, the lumens delivers a white cool light that is very much intense just like the natural daylight. The hydroponic fluorescent lights are a bit on the expensive side but there are many gardeners who feel the product will do justice to them in many ways. For example, they dont distort the color of your plants like HPS lamps.

There are many Hydroponic fluorescent lights that come with reflectors which offer a full range of spectrum to plants without leaving any place for hot spots. Hot spots are places where the lumens are unable to reach especially corner of your grow room which leaves the plants dry and withered. With proper reflectors, the lumens is equalized in every corner of the grow tent thereby delivering full spectrum to your plants.

Many hydroponic fluorescent lights are available online which give huge brightness upto 20% than standard grow lights. The grow lights can actually help the rate of photosynthesis upto 435 nm to 680 nm which means only little energy is wasted here and there and the rest is completely focussed on delivering optimum lumens to your plants.

You will find many hydroponic fluorescent lights that come with electronic ballasts that has very many features. These ballasts stabilizes the current flow without overloading the tube thus preventing your tubes from overheating or overcharging your bills. Many companies have introduced a light fixture that comes with five T5 fluorescent grow lights which gives you broader spectrum that results in higher harvest all through the year.

On the downside, hydroponic fluorescent grow lights emit less lumens from the ends which may affect the spectrum range. However, this can be compensated with reflectors that can really help you to broaden the lumens which will increase the rate of yields to a good extent.

High intensity hydroponic fluorescent grow lights are an excellent choice. They have better life than incandescent lights and are less expensive. Make sure to replace the grow lights every 18 months even when they are used 16 hours a day efficiently.

The lumens that is delivered by the the fluorescent tubes are actually less intense than any other choices which gives you certain limitations on the yields.

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