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Hydroponic Growing Media – Coconut Fiber

Coconut Fiber Hydroponic Media

Hydroponic is an indoor plant cultivation method without soil. Hydroponics systems may or may not utilize growing media in place of soil. Growing media in hydroponic is used not to provide nutrients, but to support the plant roots so that the plants hold its weight and stand upright.

Introduction to Growing Media

Growing media is an inert material that won’t decay and break down quickly. It is a medium to provide plants with needed nutrients. Hydroponic growing media is porous material that holds the moisture and oxygen that the plants rooting system requires to grow. There are various types of porous as well as non porous growing media such as gravel, rockwool, perlite, Coconut Fiber and many more.

The growing media alone is not capable to help grow any plant. It just supports the plant rooting system to hold plant weight and moisture and all needed nutrients for plant growth are supplied via nutrient rich water solution. Simply placing plants in hydroponic growing media, and watering them with plain water won’t help plant growth instead your plants will crave for nutrients.

Some of the most commonly used growing media are rockwool, Hydrocorn, Perlite or Vermiculite, Coconut Fiber or Coconut chips. There are varied types of materials that can be used as growing media in hydroponic. However, all grow medias only differ with their properties.

Choosing Hydroponic Growing Media

You cannot decide on one growing media that is better or superior than others. This is because there is various different hydroponic system set ups in which it can be used. It entirely depends on the growers’ choice and preference. You may favor one grow media type over others. While choosing a grow media for your hydroponic system, you will have to consider lots of things. The type of hydroponic system, type of plant which you wish to grow and how long you plan to grow as there are also recyclable grow media available. All these and many more factors should be considered before selecting grow media.

Allow me to give you detailed description on Coconut Fibre type of Hydroponic Growing Media.

Coconut Fiber as a suitable hydroponic growing media

Coconut Fiber is rapidly getting popular as one of the most preferred growing media across the world. This is because it is the foremost completely organic growing medium that is proven as a high performing in hydroponic systems. As the name suggest, Coconut Fibre is basically a waste product of the coconut industry. It is actually the powdered husks of the coconut fruit itself.

There are many advantages of Hydroponic Growing Media Coconut Fibre such as:

  • It has a potential to hold larger oxygen than rockwool. It also has a better water locking capacity than rockwool. These both merits are must for hydroponic systems that have sporadic watering cycles.
  • It is also known as root stimulator for plants hormones and prevents against root diseases like fungus and alike.
  • Growers from Dutch have found that a blend of 50% coconut fiber and 50% expanded clay pellets is the perfect growing medium for your plants.

While purchasing coconut fiber you should be careful as there are certain lower grade coconut fiber also commonly available. These are high in sea-salt and are very fine grained which will disappoint plant growth when used in a hydroponic system.

As a concluding note, you should do proper research and then only buy a hydroponic grow media that serves best for your plants and hydroponics system to offer you with amazing results.

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