Hydroponic Cloning System

Big Buddha Box Hydroponics Plant Cloner

2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room

Hydroponics Plant Cloner

The Hydroponics Plant Cloner allows as many as 200 different plants to grow at the same time in four tired chamber in a small space. Hydroponics system uses a technique of growing plants in larger scale from home. It is a chamber with all the necessities for plant growth creating a natural environment but made artificially. It allows the plants to grow in the water medium instead of soil. The plants are grown on a surface of coconut husk or other coarse medium with water with all the required nutrients running under them. It is convenient for a flower or vegetable garden. The yield is of higher quality than that are produced under normal environment.

The resultant plants are fast growing and show higher resistance from many common diseases. These plants will be completely safe from soil borne diseases since there is no soil usage. It allows the plants to grow closer and the farmer gets more yield with the minimum space. The nutrients are added as needed there is no wastage of that account and the water running is re used and requires less water. It is fully automated to water the plant thus saving time and effort in watering. Because they are disease free there is no need to use insecticides or pesticides and the products are 101% safe to eat it direct from the plants. Hydroponics Plant Cloning is when different types of plants can be grown at the same time.

The inside environment of the hydroponics is created artificially and are adjustable.It is not affected by the outside climate and plants can be grown throughout the year regardless of the season. The light, temperature and even the air circulation can be adjusted to the required amount as each plant type need different climatic conditions. A single system can be used for many plant types but only one type at a time. This is why the hydroponics plant cloner is beneficial. Cloning of plants is a tougher job. They must be taken care well, with all the necessary requirements at the right amount. The Hydroponics Plant Cloner allows as many as 200 clones to grow at the same time in four tired chamber in a small space. It effectively allows germination, sprout, and root formation at one time. The humidity dome is useful for the seedlings and saves them from unnecessary rotting. The designer steel cabinet can suit any home making it as an asset to the interiors. It is secured with a three lock system making it safer to use inside.

The other features of hydroponics plant cloner include the high output fluorescent lighting, digital thermometer, carbon filter for air purification, temperature control and humidity control- air pump, adjustable circulation fan, TDS-Total Dissolved Solids meter to check the nutrients in the water, and a pH kit for ups and downs and an indicator and vial- because the right pH is essential for germination and other early stage growth of plants. The shock buster of hydroponics plant cloner eliminates any electronic malfunctions and the rock wools form a perfect bed for the plant growth and it allows easy root penetration to aid them get water and nutrients from below. An instructional DVD comes with the package that clearly explains everything that need to know about this product.

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2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room
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