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AgroMax Tri band Vs 7 Band Pro Series LED Grow Lights Review

4-Pack AgroMax 4 Foot (45.75″) 6,400K Grow T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

AgroMax LED grow lights focus on both quality and the best price for the grower. These grow lights are longer lasting with adequate coverage area has all the features to maximize the competence of the products from the other brands. By including all the necessary features, AgroMax LED grow lights can be termed revolutionary both in the case of design and quality. Even the base models have a 5 band spectrum that allows the plants to maximize the utilization of the light. All these bring the AgroMax LED grow lights an integral part of the hydroponic supplies for any kind of grow space.

Agromax Pro Series LED grow lights: This professional series has secondary lens for each LED chip to make the light focus on to the area required lighting. It also increases the penetration capacity of the light. The effective heat dissipation is done by the 3” heat sink and the ventilation system. Any heat that escapes the cooling effects of the fans is dissipated through it. With monitors showing smooth working or any faults in the lights improves its popularity among the hydroponic supplies. Available in 150, 210, 280, and 370 watts made with 3 w diodes in 15 pods in each model. The number of pods increases with the size of the light.

AgroMax Intensity LED grow lights are made of innovative design. These lights are more energy efficient and cooler. The light source is the cob matrix chip at the centre surrounded by other LED chips. These cob matrix chips produce 54 watts light. Secondary lenses are provided for both chip types. The chips are differentiated for seedlings, vegetation and flowering. The Intensity series also allows connecting many number of grow lights to cover a larger grow area.

Tri Band LED grow light is made of 3 w diodes that emit red, blue, and wide band width light. It can be used for a full cycle or in combination with other fluorescent or HID lights for higher intensity. It is a good match for the 600W HPS light. This low watt grow light can be a part of the hydroponic supplies for a small grow space and higher yield.

AgroMax Strip LED grow lights are available as tri band and white in color. The tri band has red, blue, and white colors. Uses very less power but can produce higher light intensity for its size. There are no heat problems and cooling troubles and can also have wider coverage. The white light produces 6500K lumens which is much higher. This kind of hydroponic supplies is installed as a lining inside the grow tents or grow cabinets.

7 Band LED Grow lights offer deep red, bright red, bright blue, deep blue, Kelvin white, UV and IR bands with a single source. With the 3 w diodes placed at 90 degree angle, the plant growth ratio is increased many times when compared to other types of grow lights.

Credits: velvetpalette.files.wordpress.com
Credits: velvetpalette.files.wordpress.com

Frequently Asked Questions – Agromax led

How is agromax led grow lights better than other grow lights?

AgroMax led grow lights have been manufactured with a motive to deliver best spectrum and lumens for plants growing indoors. The products of Agromax promise good value and better results than normal grow lights in the market. For instance, better thermal dissipation, long life than other grow lights, better light output without heat emission etc. and more. The company boasts that Agromax can beat any led horticultural light in the market today.

What are the features of agromax led light?

Agromax led lights comes with very many features that makes it one of the most sought after grow light currently in the market. For instance, agromax features the 5-band output design that matches the wavelength of chlorophyll to help them develop proper photosynthesis. The spectrum of agromax led light reaches high peaks of 629nm/658nm/430nm/458nm along with full daylight spectrum which nourishes the plants helping them stage by stage to attain full growth. Other features include low heat, low energy bills and many more.

Are there any agromax led grow light reviews I can find online?

There are many agromax led grow light reviews online in various websites as well as forum, individual blogs from growers who have used the product.

What is agromax led strip light?

The agromax led strip light are best recommended for adding light in the garden. They come in compact size and hence can fit anywhere. They are also used for growing plants indoors as they help with the process of photosynthesis. The product has been well tested and verified to deliver you best optimum results.

Can agromax led ufo be used for growing?

Of course, agromax led ufo grow lights are designed for indoor growing purposes. It features the 6 band led wavelength spectrums that is the ultimate grow lighting spectrum. The best part of agromax led ufo grow lights there are almost no spectrum that are wasted i.e. all spectrum are utilized by the plants without sparing to grow to the maximum. The 3 watt led diodes keep their cool all the time thanks to the aluminum heat sink that shooes away the heat without raising the temperature insdie the tent.

Where is agromax intensity led grow light available?

Agromax intensity led grow light is available at htgsupply.com which has everything for your gardening needs at a discounted price.

What are the top products of agromax led?

Some of the top products of agromax include Pro series led grow lights, agromax 150 led, agromax professional series 370 led, agromax intensity series led and more.

How are the reviews of Agromax pro series led lights?

Though there are not much reviews available, the product Agromax pro series led lights seems to have garnered some positive response from few users. They opine that the product works just as claimed and you can expect better yields than normal grow lights. Agromax pro series led lights comes with one year warranty.

Is it good to buy Agromax OTD LED Grow light?

Agromax OTD LED grow lights from HTGSupply, uses Optimized Thermal Displacement (OTD) LED design technology to generate light. OTD LED lights produce more light, using lower wattage LED’s. The light comes withb a 2 year warranty that generates extremely low heat compared to other led light fixtures.

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