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Hydroponics 101 is a complete guide to beginners in hydroponics system of gardening. It is a perfect primer book that makes a grower well versed in all aspects of hydroponics. Hydroponics 101 is is a small book with only a few pages but with vast information. It covers all aspects of hydroponics from start up to the different types. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of gardening is also provided in Hydroponics 101 so that a grower has a clear idea about what to expect. After reading this book a grower will know that hydroponics is not a miracle but when handled right, can create miracles in plant growing.

  • Advantages: Hydroponics systems are a great way of increasing the overall yield. It provides almost 30% increase in the yield than growing in soil, by faster growth rate. The nutrient efficiency is also increased in a hydroponics system. The plants no longer have to search for the nutrients as they are readily available and can be taken along with the water intake. It also calls for maximum nutrient usage and only very less amount of nutrients are wasted. Hydroponics also makes a controlled environment for the plants and the necessities can be altered according to the plant’s needs to have faster growth and better yield.
  • Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of hydroponics is its cost. It is more expensive than a soil system to have an initial set up. Hydroponics systems mostly work automatic on electricity so any failure in that part can cause more damage. Constant monitoring is necessary for hydroponics.

Types of Hydroponics

Hydroponics 101 explains the types of hydroponics techniques. The plants will be benefiting by each method when used effectively.

  • Deep water culture is to grow the plants in the water medium with the roots dangling in the nutrient water.
  • Wick system is to plant the plants in a medium or substance that can wick the nutrient water upwards to the roots. This is an age old method that has lost its popularity but still pertain because of its low cost.
  • Top feed is to drop the nutrient water from the top of the root system constantly.
  • NFT is to run a thin film of nutrient solution through the roots.
  • Ebb and flow is to flood the roots in nutrient solution and then completely draining after a while.
  • Aeroponics is to spray nutrient water as mist around the growing roots.

Some useful tips for using hydroponics systems are also provided in the Hydroponics 101, such as change the reservoir water in 2 weeks at least; maintain the water temperature at 65-75 degrees, importance of pH maintenance for better nutrient absorption etc. It also urges the grower to follow the exact feeding cycle provided by the nutrient company. Always use non-chlorinated water for all hydroponics systems.

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