Indoor Hydroponics

Hydroponics Setup – Indoor Plantation

Everyone in urban locations is growing using hydroponics indoor plantation technique. Lack of outdoor space and ability to grow all foods all year round is making hydroponics system popular amongst urban gardeners. For easy growing, you can find ready to use hydroponics setup available in the market. Buy one and get growing from today itself. Also, some urban growers would build their own hydroponics setup. Let’s learn about both types of hydroponics setup so that you can easily decide on your own.

Off The Rack Hydroponics Setup

There are mainly six types of Hydroponics grow system setup that grows your plants bigger, better and faster.

  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) hydroponics setup allows constant flow of nutrient solution to plant root tips. The nutrient solution is reusable and air is the only growing medium for plant as its roots dangle in air.
  • In Drip Hydroponics setup the nutrient solution is discharged onto the base of each plant using a drip line. To make this process automated, a timer is installed that controls the submersed pump. You can have recovery drip system in which excess nutrient solution is collected back to the reservoir and is reused and non recovery drip, which do not collect nutrient solution.
  • The Deep Water Culture Hydroponics setup holds the plants on a Styrofoam platform. This platform is allowed to float on the nutrient solution. The air pump passes air to the air stone that bubbles the nutrient solution and oxygenate the plant roots.
  • Ebb and flow hydroponics setup operates by temporarily flooding the plant grow tray with nutrient solution. This process is performed at regular intervals and so the timer controls submersed pump.
  • Wick hydroponic setup is the simplest of all. The nutrient solution is supplied to the growing medium through a wick. Perlite, Vermiculite, Coconut Fiber are some of the most preferred growing medium for Wick system.
  • Aeroponic is the most high tech hydroponics setup in today’s time. Air is the only growing media as plant roots hang in air in a reservoir. These roots are misted with nutrient solution for few seconds every few minutes. This process is performed using a pump that is controlled by a timer.

You can choose any of this hydroponics set up to start growing instantly. Or else read more to know on how to build hydroponic set up on your own.

Building Hydroponics Setup

Building a hydroponics setup is not that difficult as it seems. With proper care and knowledge even an amateur can build their own. Of all, briefing you with the details on making the simplest Wick hydroponic system.

Firstly, note the list of components that you will need:

  • Air pump
  • Plastic tube
  • Growing medium
  • 1 waterproof bucket that is light-resistant
  • Measuring tape
  • Knife
  • Styrofoam
  • Mesh pots
  • Hydroponic nutrients

Step wise Instructions on Building a Wick System

  • Bucket will be used as a reservoir to hold nutrient solution. Measure its length and width and accordingly cut Styrofoam 1 inch smaller than the reservoir measurement. If the bucket is not light resistant you can paint it with black color.
  • Remove the Styrofoam out of the reservoir and cut holes into it using knife. Holes should be deep enough to hold the mesh pots and should be at least 3 inches apart. Cut sufficient sized hole on any one
  • Now place air pump next to the reservoir and attach it to the plastic tubing. Stick the tube loose end into the hole made at the side of the Styrofoam. Prepare a nutrient solution as directed on the pack and depending on the type of plant you wish to grow. Fill reservoir up to three-quarters full with these nutrient solution. Place the Styrofoam on reservoir and into the nutrient solution. Ensure the air hose remains in its place and do not fall.
  • Fill mesh pots with the growing medium, and place one plant in each pot. Put these mesh pots into the holes made on the Styrofoam. Turn the air pump on to allow nutrient solution to circulate.
  • Keep a check on nutrient solution in the reservoir. If it is low, refill it again.

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