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Hydrostackers – Vertical Hydroponic Growing Systems

Vertical Growing System

Hydrostackers is a vertical hydroponic growing systems that is made for both home and commercial growers. HydroStackers help increase your fruit and vegetable yield in the same garden space available.


The various features of Hydrostackers are:

  • It supports growing strawberries, tomatoes, herbs or any other plant while using just few square feet of space.
  • This automated systems does all watering for you and requires very less effort by you to get your garden growing.
  • Hydrostackers are useful for growing plants in large farms say thousands of plants growing together or in home garden with a single stack unit.
  • This is the best vertical hydroponics system that grows any kind of plant easily including, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, peas or basils.
  • Hydrostackers comes in both automated and manual forms for you to select whichever is appropriate for your needs.
  • Commercial growers won’t find a better way to increase their yields as it offers maximum yields without you changing the size of your farm.
  • Best substitute for you if you are tired of dealing with dirt and chemical fertilizers.
  • Hydrostackers designs can be customized as per your requirement.
  •  These rows of stackers offers you speedy and easier way to see watch your output rise dramatically.


As mentioned before, Hydrostackers systems are available as manual growing systems and automated growing systems.

Manual Growing System – Single Stacker Manual Feed Unit

This hydrostackers requires your constant involvement in plant growth cycle as you need to regularly determine plant feeding and watering schedule. This Single Stacker Automatic unit does not include automated timer and does not even contain watering controls. Up to a certain extent, it is said that this unit offers you with complete hydroponic growing experience, but it keeps you occupied for watering and feeding your plants all through its life cycle.

Single Stacker Manual Feed Unit kit includes:

  • A single Hydrostackers unit that consists of 5 grow pots
  • The nutrient mixture named “Secret Sauce”
  • All the hardware needed for mounting
  • It also includes Funnel, swivel and diffuser
  • Growing Media is also included
  • DVD instructions to guide you in installation

Manual feed units will be appealing if placed on your driveway. Grow flowers and plants and you will be amazed by their large size.

Automated Growing Systems

Automated growing systems are called the automated Hydrostackers that are electric units containing a pump and timer. These units include everything you need to get up and start operating quickly with less efforts. Unlike manual feed unit, these units come with a timer and automated watering system to allow plants to grow on its own. Your role is just to set timer and allow it to independently water your plants.

There are mainly four types of Automated Hydrostacker systems and one automatic add on available. The Automated systems and add ons are:

  • Single Stacker Automatic Feed Unit
  • Four Stacker Automatic Feed Unit
  • Nine Stacker Automatic Feed Unit
  • 25 Stack Injected Automatic Feed Unit
  • Single Stacker Automatic Add-On

The Single Stacker Automatic Feed Unit kit comes with the following:

  • One Hydrostackers units that supports total of 20 plants
  • All mounting hardware is made available
  • It contains Funnel, swivel and diffusers
  • The Growing Media is also included
  • Plant food named “Secret Sauce” Nutrient Mix is included
  • Electric Nutrient Pump (capable of managing additional stacks up to 10)
  • Digital Timer makes automatic operation
  • Instructional DVD for easy installation

Likewise all other automated feed units comes with similar components and differs only in plant holding capacity. Please note hydrostackers feed unit do not comes with a reservoir, so buy one or you can use a 55-gallon drum as well. For no worry growing, just fill the reservoir as per requirement once in every two weeks and allow sunlight to do all other work.

Hydrostackers can virtually grow any plant that can be grown in soil except large plants that grows into trees. Hydrostackers is known to grow hundreds and thousands of plants in commercial application and is doing equally well for home growers. It is the best option to hydroponically improve yields from your restricted garden space.

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