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Hydroton and Coco-Coir

Hydroton Leca Expanded Clay Pebbles Grow Media

In Hydroponic plantation you will find several choices for growing mediums. The appropriate selection of growing medium is a very important for providing your plants with optimum grow conditions. Growing medium is used to perform functions such as, supplying plant roots with nutrients, air, and water, assist plant roots for maximum growth, and physically support the plant to stand strong. Hydroton and Coco-Coir are two of these efficient growing medium. Read on to know more on Hydroton and Coco-Coir grow Media.


Hydroton is one of the most versatile growing mediums. It is rapidly gaining popularity as it is useful for hydroponics as well as soil plant cultivation. They are actually an expanded clay product mostly referred as clay balls.

Features of Hydroton

  • Water Retention and Drainage – Hydroton is packed with tiny pores that hold the perfect quantity of water that plants need. It drains out any excess water to prevent overwatering.
  • Aeration – This expandable material retains its shape and allows for continuous oxygen exchange that keeps plant roots in good health.
  • pH Neutral – You will always want your growing medium to not be too acidic or basic. Hydroton offers perfect neutral pH levels so that your plants never face health issues due to unstable pH.
  • Sterile – The final shape of Hydroton only comes up by heating clay under very high heat until it puffs up, like popcorn. Due to this high temperature, Hydroton comes to you as a sterile product. And it’s obvious you don’t want to introduce disease and harmful bacteria into your garden.

Hydroton is one of the most popular growing medium used in hydroponics. It works especially well with Deep Water Culture, Drip and Ebb& Flow systems. However, make a note that Hydroton can float in hydroponics systems that completely flood the root system. So avoid using it in these systems directly to avoid plant roots from being disturbed.

Hydroton is useful for soil based growing as well. So, when growing in garden or container try using up to 30% total volume of Hydroton. It will really improve the overall structure of potting soils while enhancing root productivity. Try this light weight, porous and inert growing medium in hydroponics or soil for healthy plants.


Worm Factory COIR250G10 Coconut Coir Growing Medium 250g – 10 pack

Coco-coir is an excellent growing medium for hydroponics due to its great moisture holding ability and inert traits. This Coconut coir is superior to peat moss and rock wool because of its structural stability, great water absorption capability, drainage and doesn’t decompose quickly while lasting longer even in soil.

Coco-coir is made from the brown husk of coconut that surrounds its shell. It is a collection of millions of tiny micro-sponges that absorbs and hold up to 8 to 9 times their weight in water. This sturdy substance lasts three times more than peat moss.

Features of Coco-Coir

  • Coco-Coir offers ideal pH in the range of 6-6.7, perfect for healthy plants.
  • It is able to hold 8 to 9 times its weight in water
  • Even in fully saturated form, it can hold 22% air.
  • Coco-Coir’s excellent drainage and air porosity gives you improved plant growth.
  • The topmost layer of coco-coir always remains dry and offers no chance for fungal growth.
  • It is made not to shrink, crack or produce crust.
  • Up to a certain extent, coco-coir helps in suppressing fungus gnats.
  • It includes excellent cat ion exchange power.
  • Coco-coir contains anti-fungal properties to support plants in getting rid of soil borne diseases (prevents from pathogens like phythium and phytophthora)
  • It can easily be re-hydrated after being dehydrated
  • This 100% renewable resource is light weight and is entirely eco friendly in nature.

Coco-Coir is good to be used in hydroponics systems such as drip systems and even in soil. With these many features and benefits of coco-coir, it should ideal choice for beginners and even expert growers.

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