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Illumitex NeoSol 50W LED Grow Light Review

LLUMITEX ILNS50 NeoSol 50W LED Plant Grow Lights

The LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED grow light is the only light that can be used for both homes and for hobbies like plant growing. The LLUMITEX 50W LED grow lights is commercial grade and can produce light with high PAR- photosynthetically active radiation that has maximum usage by the plants. The plants absorb light only in a particular range and that is termed as the photosynthetically active radiation.

Features of the LLUMITEX 50W LED grow light

  • The LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED grow light uses 9 F3 LEDs across the length of the grow light. Unlike the other LED grow lights, LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED is linear shaped, to allow maximum reach to the sides.
  • The LEDs are fixed at an angle and this beam angle is adjustable to make them reach the plants. The ultra precision beam control makes the LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED grow light a unique one.
    The LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED is light weight and the thin profile does not eat up much space inside the grow space. It saves the fixture weight from the grow tent or the cabinet it is using in. it weighs only 8 lbs.
  • The heat production is much low that there are no cooling fans used for the LLUMITEX 50W LED grow light. It works completely silent.
  • It comes fully assembled and is ready to use right out of the package. The clear anodized finish of the bars makes a style statement.
  • LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED grow light is IP66 rated water proof, so there is no need to worry about any damage caused by any accidental water spillage.
  • LLUMITEX 50W LED grow light works in 120V current and uses 50 watts to work.
  • The dimensions of the LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED grow light is 37 inches long and 3 inches width and height, making it the slimmest grow light ever to have maximum reach and adjustable light beams.
  • A 15 foot cord is also packed with the product.
  • The LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED grow lights are suspended on chain or the hangers for this purpose. As the hangers are adjustable, the light can be adjusted to suit the young plants and taking it higher as the plants grow longer.

The benefits of LLUMITEX 50W LED grow light

The LLUMITEX NeoSol 50W LED grow light is an all purpose light that suits both vegetative as well as the flowering stages. It can promote germination, shoot growth and flowering equally. With the maximum PAR from the light, the plants can better utilize the available light for faster growth.

  • It can perform higher than other HID lights and makes a good match for the 600W HPS grow light.
  • The uniform light and color distribution helps the plants to have uniform growth in all sides.
  • Needless to say that being an LED grow light the LLUMITEX 50W shows longer life span than other grow lights. The estimated life period for LLUMITEX 50W LED lights is 60,000 hours.

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