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Why you should include Raised bed constructions to your Home Garden

Demeter Corrugated Metal Raised Bed

Why you should include Raised bed constructions to your Home Garden

There are several reasons why you should include Raised bed constructions to your home garden. The reason is not just that it gives a proper aesthetic look to your garden with neat and compact beds for your plants, it has many other uses as well. Raised beds are found very commonly nowadays and it has been used for many years by farmers at places with weak soil. However, there are a few plants that cannot be grown in raised beds and excluding that, these beds are a good option for your home gardens.

Raised bed gardening is one form of gardening in which the soil is laid out for 3 or 4 feet wide beds. These can be of any shape, size and depth. The beds are enclosed by a frame that is made of wood, rock, concrete or other materials. The soil inside the Raised beds can be enriched using different composts. Different plants require different spacing between them. Vegetable plants are usually spaced in geometric patterns and are planted much more closer than other plants.

The advantages of having Raised beds in your home gardens are quite a few. They improve the drainage by being above ground level. They also increase the soil temperature by warming up faster in spring. The root zone conditions are very important for plants and the beds provide the opportunity to fill the topsoil with a lot of compost for the plants (their roots). They have more area than conventional plant holders and are thus much easier to manage and water.

You also have the option of filling different types of soil in different Raised beds for the different types of plants that you would like to plant in them. Even when that underlying soil is of a different type, the raised soil can be one that’s suitable for the plant. The soil in these beds can be alkaline while the soil below can be acidic and other such conditions.

The Raised beds are easier to access for maintenance and other purposes in your home gardens. They have a neat and organized look and lend your garden a planned feel. You can grow a variety of plants in these beds like soft fruits (currants, strawberries), vegetables (almost any vegetable), herbaceous perennials (for cut flowers), alpines ( as they love good drainage), small trees and shrubs (depending on the size of the Raised beds) and ericaceous or lime hating plants (heathers, rhododendrons, etc).

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