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Indoor plant growing systems – What you should know

Indoor plant growing systems can be intriguing once you know how it works. If you are one of those garden lovers who are dealing with space constraints but still can’t let go of your passion for gardening, then indoor plant growing systems are for you.

The rise in hydroponics system has motivated many planters to go in for indoor growing. If you are a newbie and want to know how indoor plant growing systems work, then this article is for you. Here are some of them.

Absolute stealth

Indoor plant growing systems are absolutely stealth which means it comes with a steel cabinet that won’t reveal the secret of what you are growing inside. This actually means utmost privacy and comes with lock and key facility so that you can keep away prying visitors or little hands from messing up your precious babies.

Hydroponics system

The hydroponics system is the heart of the indoor plant growing systems. Hydroponic system mainly utilizes water and soluble nutrients that mostly come with the indoor plant growing systems that you purchase.

The main motive of hydroponic system is to eliminate the use of soil and its related procedures such as fertilizers, pesticides etc. that is quite toxic to plants as well as humans not to mention the negation of soil borne diseases often seen in traditional gardening. The best benefit when using hydroponic system is that you will be getting double the yields at a faster rate when compared to soil gardening. The nutrient kit that you get along with the indoor plant growing systems are soluble and easy mix with the water in the reservoir that is to be pumped to the roots of the growing plants.

In the hydroponic system, water is fed to the plants directly from the roots. This procedure is called deep water culture. The most common hydroponic culture seen in indoor plant growing systems is a combination of deep water culture and ebb and flow. There are several more methods of hydroponic system which is often combined to give you faster and bigger harvests.

Grow light and circulation fans

Since it is an indoor plant growing system, grow lights are used to replicate the natural daylight. These grow lights are very much powerful and helps the plants to grow with utmost ease. They enable the plants to undergo photosynthesis thereby helping them in each and every phase of plant growth such as germination, flowering, fruiting etc. While some indoor plant growing systems come with a single chamber, some cabinets give away two chambers for germination and vegetation. The internal fans efficiently do their job of recreating the breeze just like in the garden and strengthens the roots/stems of the plants.

Other vital features

There are many vital features that come with the indoor plant growing systems such as the air pump to trigger oxygen to the roots, water pump for efficient delivery of water from the reservoir, automated timer that does its job of both watering and lighting the plants at specified periods and many more. Many brands also give away nutrient kits, soilless medium that help in easy germination of seeds, thermometer to check the temperature and many more.

If you are looking for the perfect indoor plant growing systems that not only fit your budget but is also available in good quality, then there are websites such as Dealzer and Supercloset who are wizards when it comes to delivering you indoor plant growing systems. Dealzer has products available at different sizes and at an economical price without compromising on quality.

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