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Ipower 250watt light bulb for plant growing

Do you want to get better yields all around the year? Then ipower 250watt light bulb for plant growing is best recommended for you. A product from ipower, the HPS grow bulb helps in providing you with some of the best lumens your plants need.

There are many features that comes with the ipower 250watt light bulb for plant growing. They are:

  • The HPS bulb comes with better spectrum and intense lumens that is spread all over the grow tent which will prevent any hot spots. Hot spots are areas where the lights are unable to reach the plants.
  • The spectrum of the HPS bulb is a red orange light that reaches all areas of the grow room without leaving out a spot. If need be, you can always adjust the grow lights or get a reflector for doubling the lumens.
  • With effective spectrum, you will get motivated plants that reach good amount of heights without compromising on quality. This means dark green leaves just the way they should be and rich luscious plants. The underlying reason is an effective photosynthesis and proper development of chlorophyll that are vital for plant growth.
  • Plants need red spectrum as per their varying growing stages such as flowering, blooming, fruiting etc. and ipower 250watt light bulb for plant growing provides exactly that.
  • The hps grow light comes with proper wavelength that matches with the plants thereby giving them immense spectrum which will help in good amount of penetration. The result is a dense rich plant that will give you unbeatable harvest every cycle.
  • ipower 250watt light bulb for plant growing comes with a color temperature of 2100K that can beat almost every grow light. An average lifespanc of the hps grow light is about 24,000 hours that means less replacement unlike many other low quality grow lights in the market.
  • Since the bulb comes with both vertical and horizontal orientation, you can keep it in a way you consider best for your plants in the grow tent.
  • The best feature of the ipower 250watt light bulb for plant growing is that it will go easily with all standard 250w ballasts. Ballasts are quite a necessity for your grow bulbs as it will prevent power surges and unwanted increase in your energy bills. It will give you a constant supply that will keep the grow lights more durable and efficient. If you have not purchased a ballast, make sure you include one and keep a mental note to choose the one that comes with equal watt of the grow bulb.
  • The grow light can is best recommended for an area of 4′ x 4′ that can fill up almost 16 pots in a time.

The ipower 250watt light bulb for plant growing has received a lot of positive reviews which can be seen in one of the popular websites such as amazon and many other. Of course, like two sides of a coin, there is a downside. Some people say that the product does not stand to the expectations it had claimed and has a short life.

In short, grow lights are the essence of your grow tent and without them, indoor growing is incomplete. This product has received 4.5/5 star ratings from gardeners in amazon which clearly makes the point that it is definitely worth a try.

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