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Kind K3 – l300 LED Grow Light

Kind K3 Series LED Grow Lights

Kind K3 – l300 LED Grow light is one of the most state-of-the-art lamps that is successfully reigning the market in between its various competitors. With the LED plant light in your grow room, you can get as many harvests as you like. Read on to know its specifications and how it works.

With the rise in indoor growing, many people are reaping benefits. Change is inevitable and hence in places where CFL bulbs or HID grow bulbs were used, LED grow lights are taking over even though at a slower rate. The main reason for the slower rate is because of the price factor that is hooked with LED grow light but trust me, once you get to know the way LED lights function, you might change your mind.

The new Kind K3 – l300 LED grow light is of a kind. With 3 watt light emitting diodes, your plants will be getting intense spectrum that are beneficial for all stages of plant growth. The LED grow light comes with a total of 90 diodes that features invisible UV and IR rays. The ultraviolet and infrared rays though invisible to you can relate to the wavelength of the plants which will help the plants go through the stages of photosynthesis easily delivering denser and bigger plants at all times.

Kind K3 – l300 LED grow light comes with aluminum heat sinks and internal circulation fans that prevent the grow light system from overheating. The fans keep the system cool and do not heat your grow room thereby giving an ideal setup for your plants to grow. This saves you good amount of money on additional tools such as cooling system that are seen with many HID grow lights or reflectors for your plants to expand the lumens. The grow lights come with 12 band spectrum that is absolutely compatible with the plant needs. Unlike most LED grow lights that come with 2-3 band spectrum, the Kind LED grow light will definitely prove beneficial to you in the years to come.

The “secondary optical lens” is an additional feature of the Kind K3 – l300 LED grow light which will intensify the grow light of the plants. It will increase the penetration to 200% in your grow room thereby leaving no place for hot spots which is double the lumens seen by standard grow lights.

With proper Kind K3 – l300 led grow light running at 650ma, you can actually feel the coolness as you touch the led lights panel. They do not give away heat and keep the inside of your grow tent cool and welcoming which will motivate the plants to grow at a good height.
The Kind K3 – l300 led grow light has been quite researched upon which says that they actually promoted oil production in many herbs and the flowers giving you richer results. They easily fit any household standard output of 100-240V and consumes very less energy than other competitive grow lights in the market. An average lifespan of 50,000 hours per bulb, the led grow lights come with a compact size which easily fits the size.

If this is not enough, Kind K3 – l300 LED grow light comes with a 3 year warranty which will help you with replacements, if needed.

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