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Kind LED Grow Lights

KIND LED is an online store for high quality LED plant lights. The 12 band width light produced by the KIND LED lights is after rigorous research and development. There are two types of KIND series, K3 and K5. The high band width helps make more yields. It is entirely the quality of the light that helps the crops. There are measures taken in the making of these KIND LED grow lights to increase the intensity, light penetration and the overall quality to help with faster and greater growth.

K3 Series from KIND LED

The K3 Series of KIND LED grow lights are made with 3W diodes only. The 3W diodes have the optimal light intensity to have deeper penetrating capability. The KIND LED K3 series includes three types of LED grow lights, K3-L300, K3-L450 and K3-L600.

  • K3-L300 LED Grow light is the smallest KIND light which is only 15” long. The width and depth are 11 and 3 inches respectively. It uses only 220W to generate 300W light with 90 diodes installed in 6 modules. It can cover an area of 2 x 3 ft, ideal for small grow spaces.
  • K3-L450, with a dimension of 20 x 11 x 3 inches, covers an area of 2.5 x 3.5 ft. It uses 120 diodes to generate 450 watts of light.
  • K3-L600 is the largest of this series. It is 25 inches long, 11 inches wide and 3 inches deep. The 150 diodes installed create 600W of light that can light up an area of 3 x 4 ft evenly.

K5 Series from KIND LED

The K5 series utilizes the 5W diodes for the light production. Diodes of this wattage in not widely accepted to suit the grow lights but KIND has come forward with an innovative blend of both 3W and 5W diodes in the same grow light. The use of both the diodes has only increased the capability and quality of the light. It also provides the largest foot print by an LED light that can compete with that of any HID light.

The benefits of the KIND LED Grow lights

  • KIND LED grow lights are fully automated and are dimmable, some with remote control as well.
  • Each individual diode is covered with a secondary optical lens that refocuses the light to a better angle that helps increase the intensity of the light as well as the photosythetically active radiation that is actually used by the plants.
  • The 12 band width is provided by an LED grow light.
  • The deeper heat sink can efficiently dissipate the heat produced inside the light. The cooling fans work silently and keep the light cool.
  • The lights can be controlled and adjusted to suit each growth stage with a single switch.
  • There is also a timer to create day and night with 8 different light adjustments, starting with sunrise, full power intensity, evening in stages.
  • The power consumption by the KIND LED grow light is much low to generate high watt light.

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