Large scale Hydroponic system For hydroponic farming

A large scale hydroponics mean more crops to grow in a quicker and faster way than the traditional farming method. But there are certain things to note before considering large scale hydroponics farming. With the gradual extinction of farmland due to rising human population, many are moving towards hydroponic system which is currently one of the successfully ways to get more yields without any addition of toxic fertilizers.

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With hydroponic farming, you can grow plants virtually anywhere from kitchen to the basement. During the initial days, hydroponics wasn’t recognized much. But today even large scale farms are moving into hydroponic system and many flowers, crops are grown on an unlimited basis in various countries using the hydroponic method. For example, hydroponically grown vegetables that are grown in Canada are shipped to US, roses grown in Holland are delivered world wide and lettuce leaves that are main ingredient of hamburgers are shipped from Australia to other countries.

A hydroponic farming, be it large scale or small scale takes off the burden of a farmer of growing plants with soil.

For beginners:

If you are a beginner, make sure to start out owning a small hydroponic system as a hobby rather than jumping right into large scale. Do note that hydroponics can be a risky business just like traditional farming. So do not expect miracles or big bucks at the start!!!

There are many who are willing to invest their savings on large scale hydroponics systems. This is a mistake. Would you open a cloth producing company if you have no clue about sewing? Start hydroponic farming method as a hobby before taking it to the next level.

Note that the medium to grow plants using hydroponic method is very important. There are many techniques to grow plants such as using Coir, growstones, rock wool, gravel and many more. For eg: Rock wool cubes are the best seed starters in a hydroponic system. Just keep the cubes moist and it will boost the sprouting of the seed. With rock wool, the germination rate will increase greatly and hence is most favored in various hydroponic systems like Super Closet. It is also used to cloning and completing the full circle of vegetation.

Entering the next arena of large scale hydroponic farming

During large scale, you need to be there for your plants 24 x 7 or you will definitely need someone to look after your plants, pollinate them, look after the technical issues such as power failure or other pesticides problems. There are many stories about people even breaking in to the greenhouse to steal lights or fans.

Growing hydroponic farming on a large scale would take most of your time. The benefits can be quite amazing though and may be you will win out of the difficulties from the business. Hydroponic farming is a growing and can be one of the most competitive fields. This can be great if you love challenges.

Another point is you can make unlimited profits. Unlike what many growers think, expansion may not be one of the good things for you. Certain plants grow only in specific areas so it would be good not to invest in them. Do a research of your location, plants and environment which plays an important role in healthy growing especially if you are planning to invest large scale farming.

There are many types of hydroponic system available for farming such as Wick system, water culture, drop systems, NFT system etc., so choose which is better suited for you.[/restab]
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Frequently Asked Questions – Large scale hydroponic systems

Can anyone start out with large scale hydroponic system gardening?

Just like its necessary to take the first step and not the second or third, similarly, it is better to start out small. Large scale hydroponic systems come with certain risks and only after knowing the product in and out is it better to deal on a large scale. Once you are familiar with how hydroponic systems work, you can gradually move on to bigger growing.

What is the depth of liquid nutrient flow through the channel in hydroponic tray of large scale hydroponic growing systems?

The water is usually about 1/8” deep but it is usually measured by the flow rate. You will need the water to flow at a rate of four cups a minute. If you want to measure the flow rate, first run the hydroponic system. Now hold a measuring cup at the end and check for a minute. You can adjust the system to increase or decrease the flow as per your preference.

I heard that spinach is not grown on a large scale hydroponic system? Why is that so?

Though initial growth is positive, spinach eventually has to deal with water-borne disease called the Pythium aphanerdamatum. There have been extensive studies and researches that have been conducted to control this issue but till now there have been no prevention techniques released to stop the growth of this fungae.

Are large scale hydroponic growing system safe?

Large scale hydroponic growing system does carry equal amount of risks just like traditional gardening methods. For instance, water borne diseases, trouble in equipments of hydroponic system, lack of vital nutrients found in soil methods are some of the downside of hydroponic system.

Is it okay to grow different crops at a single channel of large scale hydroponic growing system at the same time?

Just like each and every person have their own taste preferences, similarly each and every plant have their own nutritional needs which will put pressure on you to maintain the balance of nutrients at each level. Unless you are an experienced grower, do not try this.

Can I grow root crops using hydroponic system?

Of course, unless if you are a beginner where I must say that root crops can be challenging for you. Though many experienced growers do grow roots hydroponically, I do not recommend till you know the pros and cons of hydroponic system.

What is the best medium for easy germination?

Rockwool cubes, lava rocks promote easy germination and are the best soilless medium for small or large scale hydroponic growing systems.[/restab][/restabs]

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