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LED Grow Bulbs

LED Grow Bulbs

Check out the best LED grow bulbs that not only deliver excellent spectrum but provides optimum yields.

LEDs grow lights are a revolutionary product in the grow light industry. It is all set to replace the usual HID and CFL lighting systems. LED lights and LED grow bulbs are getting popular to be used in hydroponics for better plant growth.

How LED Grow Bulbs Work?

LED grow lights are made of several small but powerful LED grow bulbs. The electric current flows through a semiconductor material that excites the electrons to create a powerful light from these very small bulbs. The different materials for semiconductors are used to create LED diodes with different wavelengths of light. Hence, this makes LED bulbs capable to offer your indoor plants with exactly what they need at particular growth stages.

Features of LED Grow Bulbs

All small LED bulbs combine together offering superior light for healthy plant growth. The several features of them are:

  • Compact Design – The LEDs contain several small grow bulbs in one light that is freely movable within the grow area. No additional equipment or cooling systems are required. Hence you get extra growing space.
  • Runs at low Temperature – LED grow lights runs at a warm temperature which allows you to literally touch the light. The heat sinks disperse heat and maintain low temperature. Each grow bulb supports the overall lighting system offering the right grow environment for growing plants.
  • Energy Efficient – LED lights produce a great amount of light without drawing much power. Less power consumption saves electricity and also your money in the long run.
  • Long Lifespan – LEDs are known to work for years without having that grow bulbs to replace. Most of the LED grow bulbs works anywhere between 25,000 to 100,000 hours.

Few Tips on LED Grow Bulbs

Here are some tips for you to consider.

To Know How To Replace LED Grow Bulbs: Most of the LED panels or light which you are using will have about 100 or more individual LED bulbs. Over time, some of these bulbs might fail to work and so you will have to know how to replace them. LEDs from china come with all bulbs soldered into place making them hard to replace, whereas most recent LED panels bulbs can be replaced similar to any other bulb.

Choosing The Right LED Grow Bulb Colors: LED lights come in blue, red, white color and even ultraviolet lights. It is important for you to know what kind of colored light you want to use depending upon the plant growth stage. LED lights are capable to provide correct light spectrum for different plant life cycles. If you are a beginner over time, you will understand about the growing process and accordingly can customize bulbs or color choices to fit your plant needs.

Overpowering Could Reduce Lifespan: LEDs can last anywhere between 25,000 to 100,000 hours or even more when used correctly. Its life span can drastically be reduced if too much power is sent to them. Generally, it is build to tackle this issue and won’t get harmed but it is better to remain cautious.

LED grow bulbs are a new kind of grow light technology that is small, powerful and energy efficient. Usually these bulbs are eco friendly as they are created without using mercury, offering safety to you and your plants. It helps to accomplish more than the other bulky, hot, and inefficient bulbs and panels used with other lighting systems.

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