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Check out the best LED grow Lamps that not only deliver excellent spectrum but provides optimum yields.

These days, LED grow lamp is popularly used for growing plants hydroponically. Using energy efficient LED Grow Lamp for indoor plants is considered most advanced for home as well as commercial applications. Let’s have a look at features and some best LED Grow Lamp on the market.

LED Grow Lamp Features

LED grow lamp is a combination of several small LED grow bulbs contained into it. Its various features includes:

  •  LEDs are entirely self contained units that do not require large ballasts or cooling systems.
  • LED grow lamp comes in various shapes like square, circle, tube form or any other for you to simply hang them above your plants.
  • This lamps comes relatively small in size that won’t occupy much of your grow space.
  • They are capable to operate at very low temperature. With the build in fan it stays cool and do not emit high heat that could harm your plants.
  • It is designed to produce lots of light against the electricity used. It consumes about 40% – 50% less power compared to other grow lamps.
  •  The lamp can run for years without replacement offering you longer life. It can run somewhere between 50000-1000000 hours.
  • It do not require any maintenance and you incur very low operating costs.
  • LED lamp displays full spectrum light that is helpful in both vegetating and flowering stages of plant growth.

With plenty of good features, LED grow lamp should be ideal choice for any grower. However, you should also know some shortcomings of LEDs. The foremost is the price you pay for LED. It comes very costly that you may rethink to incur such a huge initial cost. Also, you need to beware of the cheap quality LEDs that are available on the market in abundance. They are good for nothing lights which offers low yields and might become defective in the middle of growing cycle.

Here Are Some Of The Best Quality LED Grow Lamp For Indoor Plantation.

TaoTronics TT-GL05 LED Grow lamp: TaoTronics TT-GL05 is most preferred for small indoor plants. It is capable to cover light of 4 square foot area (2′ x 2′). It utilizes 45 high output 3 watts LED bulbs. It utilizes 3 different light spectrums for optimizing your plant growth. This includes Red light (620nm to 630nm), Blue light (450nm to 460nm) and Orange light (410nm to 415nm). It has a life span of about 50000 hours.

Growblu Apollo 225W Super UFO: Growblu 225 W Super UFO works exceptionally from germination to harvest. It maintains a perfect average canopy temperature of 77 degrees. The average lens temperature of this lamp is 89 degrees because of built-in heat dissipation system that includes high output cooling fan and ¾ inch solid aluminum heat sink. The Bridgelux 3w LED chips ensures long term performance. This lamp is appropriate for a coverage area of about 2 Sq. Ft. and works well for flowering and germination growth stages.

BloomBoss UFO 90 Watts LED Grow lamp: BloomBoss UFO 90 Watts uses red, blue and full Spectrum white light to boost photosynthesis. It covers a total area of 9 square feet and is perfect for large plants. It utilizes 90 high output 1 watt LED bulbs and can run for 50000 hours.

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