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LED Grow Light 5w Diodes

LED technology has come a long way in a short span. Previously LEDs were available utilizing 1/16th watt diodes but in no time today they are available in 5w, 10w or even more than 50 watts. LED Grow Light 5w Diodes are new for home growers in indoor plantation. generally, LEDs with more watt power are useful for large commercial applications.

Using LED Grow Light 5w Diodes for indoor plants totally depends upon the user choice. Normally, LEDs with 1w or 3w are used for indoor grow systems and 5w is entirely a new experience for them. Let me introduce you to few LED Grow Lights with 5w Diodes.

1. Advanced LED light’s – Diamond Series EX-Veg – 5W CREE XT-E LEDs

Diamond Series EX-Veg – 5w CREE LED light displays all blue spectrum lights that produces the highest yield per watt. It is designed to produce dense vegetation while using just 1/3 the power.

This LED light is High Output 5w CREE XT-E LED that produces never seen before vegetative results. It offers vegetating plants to grow faster, stronger and bigger. It helps maximize vegetation while minimizing heat with 2 Whisper Quiet 120mm Fans that eliminates the need of ballasts or high wattage cooling systems. It is available in two sizes namely, 200w and 300w to produce 46% Brighter light than other Blue LEDs on the market. It is made to run for more than 50000 hours.

2. Black dog’s BDMicro -U

The Universal Series BDMicro contains 54 High Power 5w diodes LEDs that draws 135 watts. This should be the ideal choice for small home growers that help produce superior yields and higher quality. Its small design easily fits in your confined growing space.

This light produces full spectrum light ranging from UVA to IR for critical flowering and vegetative plant grow cycles. It produces exclusive Black Dog LED Phyto-genesis Spectrum that utilizes multiple wavelengths to target essential absorption peaks in the red, violet, orange and blue spectrum, as well as IR and UV. It is designed using all commercial grade components to offer longevity.

These are few of many companies offering LED Grow Light 5w Diodes for improved yields. Conduct proper research and select the LED that fits best as per your needs.

Concerns with LED Grow Light 5w Diodes

There are many companies coming up with 5w or even larger LED lights. However, it is found that there are various concerns of 5w diodes LED grow lights over using 3w diodes. It is seen that 5w diodes are not energy efficient and have short life span compared to 3 watt LEDs. Actually, it is noticed that LED with larger diodes say 5w, 10w or more have some issues compared to 3 watt LEDs.

The first issue to address is heat dissipation. With the increase in diode size, the amount of heat that needs to disperse by the diode chip also increases. Larger wattage diodes require larger heat sinks while making them heavier lights.

The second problem is chip density. Higher watt diodes like 5w emits more heat so they are spaced distant to avoid thermal failure. This makes the LED grow light bigger and heavier in size.

The third drawback of the 5w diodes LED is that they are very expensive. They cost more than the 3w LEDs and no one would think to spend so heavily at the initial stage.

As using 5w LEDs grow lights are not very popular amongst the home growers, so many smart users still select the proven 3 watt diodes LED grow lights for indoor growing.

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