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Kind LED K3 Series L300 Grow Light

LED grow light from your own home country USA is a mesmerizing experience. Today, US markets are flooded with companies offering LED Grow Light. With the increasing number of LED grow light manufacturers USA it makes difficult for you to select a single piece from such a huge array.

However, there are some companies in US that sets them apart from the crowd. This may be because of various reasons like, superior quality, best components and competitive prices. Here are details on a few companies that can be called quality LED Grow Light Companies In US.

Kind LED Grow Lights

Kind LED grow lights were made public only after ensuring they had the best to offer with kindest features. After conducting rigorous research and development and perfecting the product, this company in US introduced K3 series and K5 series of LEDs. These high output 3w diodes light features a proprietary 12 band spectrum that runs on 700mA to offer both infrared and ultra violet diodes for large yields. It comes with thick 2 CM aluminum heat sink that effectively dissipates heat. The revolutionary secondary optical lens allows maximum photosynthetic by penetrating from plant top to bottom. The Products offered by Kind LED Grow Lights are:

  • K3 – L300 – LED Grow Lights
  • K3 – L450 – LED Grow Lights
  • K3 – L600 – LED Grow Lights
  • K5 – XL750 – LED Grow Light
  • K5 – XL1000 – LED Grow Light


Growblu offers highest quality and most technologically advanced LEDs to ensure excellent plant growth. Its grow lights are tested and designed considering several quality standards to offer you exceptional results. This energy efficient LEDs consume up to 30% less power and runs cool below 100 degree. Moreover the 60 degrees secondary lenses in all its products provides for high intensity full light spectrum. It’s all products are eco friendly in nature and are recyclable. The components used in these LEDs do not contain glass, glue, or harmful chemicals. Its products are categorized into two types, namely Super UFO Series and Apollo Series.

Super UFO Series

  • 144W Super UFO
  • 225W Super UFO
  • Apollo Series
  • 96x3w Apollo Veg Spectrum
  • 120x3w Apollo Full Spectrum
  • 180x3W Apollo Full Spectrum Light
  • 240x3W Apollo Full Spectrum Light

Advanced LED lights

Advanced LED creates the innovative 3w Extreme Flower LED Grow Light. These High Intensity 3w LEDs are tested and proven to provide full intensity light that plants need without supplemental lights. It is into this business for many years and is still working on perfecting their products. The Diamond Series lights are one of the favorites in the LED market. With diamond series LEDs that uses powerful new 10w CREE XML2 you save up to 90% on electricity bills. These LEDs do not generate any kind of light that makes them overdriven. They work towards optimizing your indoor garden with less heat, minimal hassle and long life. The Diamond Series promotes plant growth from seed to full harvest and even optimizes flowering and fruiting plants. For vegetative light that is all blue in color essential for green leafy plants advanced LED offers All Blue Extreme Veg LED light. Various diamond series products by advanced LED are:

  • NEW – Diamond Series XML – 10W CREE XML
  • NEW – Diamond Series LEDs – Extreme 3w LED Technology
  • NEW – Diamond Series EX-Veg – 5W CREE XT-E LEDs
  • XTE Series LED Grow Light – USA Made 5w LEDs

All these LED Grow Light Companies in US and many more offer varied types of LEDs. It depends on your requirement, type of plant, budget, etc. to ultimately decide on buying the product. Do proper homework before you opt one as it affects your plant growth.

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