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LED Grow Lights: For Indoor Gardening

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Check out the best LED grow bulbs that not only deliver excellent spectrum but provides optimum yields.

Choosing the right grow light for indoor gardening is a ‘cannot be escaped’ part. Currently, LED grow lights have become a ‘fad’ as they offer a good amount of lumens without compromising on quality. If you are new to LED grow lights, then this brief article will throw some light on LED grow lights that are changing the way to grow indoor plants.

LED grow lights generate light by passing current via semiconductor fabric. When the electrons move within the semiconductor, it releases energy as photons or better known as light. Though the original color was red, currently there has been immense change in the technology to the extent that even ultraviolet rays can pass at powerful wavelengths with the help of high light output.

Features of LED grow lights:

There are many features of LED grow lights. You can easily program the unit with the use of a single remote. For instance, you can control the light intensity, spectrum, on/off timing etc. Yes, with the latest features you can either dim the light to very low intensity or shoot it up to a powerful level. However, we do recommend not raising the level to high intensities as it can lessen its durability.

Some of the brands have released new LED grow lights that are combined with ultraviolet, infrared rays that claim to increase the chlorophyll which motivates proper photosynthesis. It also assures the gardener that narrow spectrums are released which are sufficient for the plants that results in less emission of heat which can actually curb your power bills. Quality brands such as Kind LED grow lights come with IR remote control through which you can change the light cycles of the grow lights.

Types of LED grow lights:

Almost all of the LED grow lights are manufactured in China even if the design comes from USA. This is one of the things I need to make it clear for you.

Cheap quality LEDs – These LED grow lights come with flimsy plastic housing that is clearly visible to you. Don’t expect top shelf products to last a lifetime. The result is really pathetic as you will end up losing money with probably no yields at all. You will benefit more with MH or HPS bulbs than with this low quality LEDs. I don’t recommend this for you in any way.

Budget fit quality LEDs – These products at least look decent and come with proper housing. Economical LED grow lights they are, these products usually come with 6, 8, 12 bands that will cover only portions of PAR spectrum but will miss out on some parts. Look for the one that promises satisfactory yields or it is just your money down the flush. Some of the brands will even include cooling fans.

High quality LEDs – These products offer full spectrum that meet the PAR range without a doubt. You will even find white LED lights that are fixed in the middle and often look like they are dead. But actually they are emitting part of the far red spectrum i. e. 710 – 850 nm that cannot be seen clearly. Some of the brands such as Kind include good amount of UV/IR rays that really promote the plants to grow rich, dense and green. Since some of brands come with thermal design, heat sink technologies that cuts off the need for cooling fans. These units tend to work excellent while maintaining their cool at all times. High quality LED grow lights come with good warranty period, power equipments to inhibit power surges and really thick glowing bulbs.

Led grow lights – pros and cons:

  • Less energy consumption that means almost 60% less than HID
  • No filament for burning which gives them long and durable life of 50,000 to 60,000 hours when
    compared to HID grow bulbs that come with 2,000 to 3,000 hours
  • Less heat output which can be clearly felt when you touch the panel as it will be very cold to touch
  • Comes with dimmable facility
  • Use lenses to spread the lumens instead of HID that needs reflectors
  • Need no warm up session like HID and turns on/off immediately
  • Are apt for rooms, greenhouses and can also be used along with MH/HID lights
  • Are absolutely safe and has been termed a ‘Calss 1 LED product’ because of its non-mercurial
    content as seen in fluorescent lights
  • Are quite expensive when compared to other grow bulbs

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