LED Grow Lights

LED Lights Grow Lights for Growing

LED Grow Lights for growing

LED Grow lights not only help in lowering power bills but also deliver optimum spectrum to your indoor plants.

A few years ago, the idea of growing plants with the help of LEDs would have been laughed off with ease, but all that have changed during the past few years with scientists achieving huge strides in indoor gardening technologies where they are successful in creating that perfect mix of application which gives the user control over the factors needed for the perfect growth in the plants.

LED grow lights play a very important role in creating that important growth pace in the plants. It is noted that the smaller versions of the LED panels give better results than in the case of bigger panels. For instance a user would get better results from a 2X125 W LEDs (total 250 W) than from single panels which gives an output of 250 W. This is because the increase in the number of the panels increases the spreading of the light which increases the reach of the lights to each plant.

Problems which are likely to be faced and how to treat them:

  • Coloring: LED lights often cause discoloration in the leaves of the plants and can seem to the user’s eyes like a nutrient deficiency even when the plants are healthy. This phenomenon is common in the budding phase of the plants growth. This is not something to be taken seriously and should be understood as something normal.
  • Distance: The distance of the LEDs from the plants is a very important question which has to be asked by the user to the manufacturers. If the plants are too close to the LED lighting, chances are that burns will be noticed on the leaves of the plants.
  • Yield: LED lights are known to get lesser yield than the HPS grow lights and the buds grown under the LED lighting are known to give sticky, strong and smelly buds.

LED lighting has enhanced and enabled the user experience of growing plants in a fast and reliable manner. LED lighting enables advanced control over the light requirements of the plants. LED lighting models differ in style and shape which makes it necessary that the user check carefully with the manufacturer as the working will differ according to the nature of the LED lighting model. Other studies in the same field have revealed that a mixed lighting system with both HPS and LED lights gives the best results.

LED lighting with HBS is proving itself to be the next big thing in the indoor growing market. The combination of the lighting and the hydroponic system is the best bet that any grower can have for that ultimate quality and the yield from the plants grown. This combination creates that synergy which gives the user total control over the growth of the plants in the grow chamber. Lighting, nutrients and the right air circulation ensures the best yield in the plants. A good grow room will address all the above mentioned crucial aspects of the indoor growing. LED grow rooms are one of the most advanced systems for the users to get their desired results even if they are starting for the first time.

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