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Light Weight Garden Hoses

Lightweight garden hoses

Light weight Garden Hoses are essential part of outdoor gardening. They are the means of watering the plants when there is no facility to set up automatic sprinklers. They are portable and easier to store. But the main problem with the hoses is that they are usually a bit heavier for everyone to carry around. Dragging the heavy hoses to the far end of the garden is not always comfortable. This is why Garden supplies are offering Light weight Garden Hoses  and feather weight water hoses.


Feather weight Hose

  • Feather weight hose is a very light and easier to carry around.
  • It is made of PVC and polypropylene. The hose is protected by the nylon hose guards at the ends. The fittings are done with chrome plated zinc. They are easy to fit into the faucets anywhere.
  • The material is BPA and lead free.
  • The Feather weight hoses are available in different lengths, 25’, 50’ and 100 feet hoses. They are available in three different colors, mousse, toppe and violet.

Light weight Garden Hoses

  • The Light weight Garden Hose is slightly heavier than the feather weight hoses. They are also easy to drag around. The weight of this is actually only half of that of usual garden hoses.
  • The diameter is half an inch.
  • They are made in polypropylene and with regard to the NSF drinking water standards and are safe for the plants.
  • They are extra long and crush proof.
  • The chrome plated fittings are leak proof. The hose is flexible in all weathers.

These Light weight Garden Hoses  are made to be durable in all types of weather. They are not easily damaged by the heat or extreme cold. They are capable of withstanding both the extremes. The chrome plated fittings are rust proof and fitted tightly to avoid any water seepage. They can be easily rounded and hung in the open air itself and still be durable. They are made free of the harmful chemicals like phthalates which is usually seen in other PVC or vinyl pipes. The lack of it makes it safe for any use.

Lightweight garden hose reviews

Lightweight garden hoses have received mixed reviews from people. They are the top lightweight garden hose manufacturers in US market. On the pros side, lightweight garden hoses are quite efficient and deliver just as promised but its the non-kink feature that sometimes poses a problem. Few users claim that the hose becomes rigid and constructive making it difficult to get the water out of the hose. However, many growers find the product quite superior to other products in the market.
Super slim lightweight hoses is a product from who are one of the top lightweight garden hose suppliers. They claim that the product is manufactured from top quality polyurethane and weighs almost half as much as conventional hoses in the market. The super slim lightweight hoses are one of the favored products and term it as “garden hoses that don’t kink” come with leak proof and super flexible features that can combat all kinds of weather.

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