Children must be introduced to gardening at an early age. It helps them see and experience what life really is. it would be a heartwarming experience for them to plant the seed and watching it developing into something that can reward them with the beautiful flowers or delicious fruits for them.


There are ways to make gardening experience a more entertaining activity for the kids. It should be simple yet informative for them. Here are some tips that improve the quality of gardening for them.

  • Personal space: Having personal space is important for children to have a feel of responsibility and freedom. Let them manage their own garden, even if it is a small square foot area.
  • Easy to grow: Choose the plants that are fast growing and needs lesser care as well. Kids are impatient and love to have things moving faster. There would be nothing rewarding for them than fast growing plants that bear the flowers or fruits faster.
  • Give then choice and let them decide: Kids must be given the choice to have their own plants. You make a list and have them choose the ones they like. Do not try to impose your choice on them.
  • Use quality soil: Use only the quality soil for the garden for them. They might be playing with the soil as well. Think about those tender hands. Always use the fresh soil to avoid weeds.
  • Start from seeds: Always start from seeds. Let them watch the seedlings sprouting from the seeds and developing into bigger plants or trees.
  • Introduce them with recycled planters: The creative ways to have the seedlings grow is to use smaller planters initially. Why not use those recycled planters like the egg carton, egg shells or the lemon skins to make smaller makeshift planters. It would help them understand the concept of recycling materials.
  • Give them real tools not toys: Kids love to dig up and use the tools that the grown up use. Do not disappoint them with fake toy tools. There are smaller sized tools for the children, get them. Trust me, they are too sharp and can distinguish the fake from the original.
  • Walkway: Try making some walkway between the plants to help the little ones to walk in between the plants and can have better care for their plants. It also makes easy to remove the weeds and give enough spacing as well.
  • Make a fence: Make a small fence around their little garden. Kids will be proud to flaunt their personal garden to their friends. They could even name their gardens or personalize it. They sure gonna feel, this is my place and I’m so proud of it.
  • Theme gardens can be a delight for the children. There are many plants that have common names relating to animals, their fairy tales etc. Choose those plants and have them tell the stories related to them.
  • Sensory plants the best: Try to have some sensory plants in or around the child’s garden. Little children will have a rocking time to feel the velvety leaves or fragrant flowers. These nature’s wonder plants will also boost the child’s sensory organs.

Children are difficult to please, unless they are the one who choose or decide. Gardening is something that can allow them a free hand. Give them this freedom and let them enjoy their childhood with nature. Happy gardening.