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Micro Grow Systems is a system for controlling the functions taking place in the greenhouse. They have been providing greenhouse solutions for around two decades. High quality and easy to use control and monitoring products are available at the Micro Grow Systems stores and these are explained in detail as below.

Products offered by Micro Grow Systems

Zone Control

Features – The Zone Control of the Micro Grow Systems are computer control devices that are easy to use and used for multiple purposes. There are used for not only single zone of operation but also multiple zones of applications. They feature an accurate microprocessor control with a large digital display and convenient program switches. Different cooling stages and heating stages are provided by the different Zone Control products. This can either be used as a standalone system or with a Growlink system connected to a computer. You can also purchase a humidity sensor as an add-on option with this.

Products – The Zone Control products offered by Micro Grow Systems are Growmaster Procom, Growmaster Growcom, Growmate Plus and Growmate.

Irrigation Control

Features – The Micro Grow Systems provides proper control systems for controlling the Irrigation and Propagation misting. There is a VDP or Vapor Pressure Deficit sensor installed in this control with a VPD configuration. The irrigation control system is also equipped with soil tension meter sensors and internal digital clock. The soil tension meter senses the moisture level of the soil and the internal digital clock can be set for timed operations.

Products – Water Pro VPD, Water Pro Soil, Water Max, Water Plus VPD and Mini Mist are the products offered by the Micro Grow Systems in the Irrigation Control category.

Growstat Series

Features – The Growstat series of products operates the heating and cooling greenhouse vent motors and also operates the shade systems. The different products have different features. There is an automatic night photocell installed in one product whereas the other products have an automatic side roll ups and automatic solar level control. This greenhouse based computer control system has a large display, programming switches that are easy to use, lockable weather proof enclosures, high and low sensor readings display and so on. There is also separate day, night and DIF settings which are standard.

Products – The products offered by the Growstat control series are the Growstat, Ventstat and Shadesstat.

Remote Monitoring

Features – The Micro Grow Systems can be remote controlled too. You can carry this system to anywhere you go and operate it from your office, home or even restaurant. The remote monitoring system provided by the Micro Grow Systems is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Windows. It is easy to be used by any layman with a Point and Click interface with full color screens. There is a digital photograph version where the plants can be monitored easily. The photographs of the plants are clicked and send instantly and you can watch your plants grow. This system comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Weather Monitoring

Products – There are two products offered in the Weather Monitoring category of Micro Grow Systems. They are the WeatherMaster and the WeatherStat.

Features – The WeatherMaster monitoring system is not an easy to use system but it also helps in protecting this system from any external damages of rain, wind or so on. There is a premier microprocessor which is based on the greenhouse weather station. Some of the other functions this monitoring system does is that it helps to monitor the wind, speed and direction, rain, solar level and the outdoor temperature. The WeatherStat system has a wind speed monitor and rain sensor. It protects the roof vent systems of the greenhouse. Just like the other systems of Micro Grow Systems these systems can be interfaces with the Growlink program.


Features – There are motors and control accessories provided by the Micro Grow Systems. These are standalone systems which are UL and CSA listed. Some of the other features are internal limit switches, internal motor overload protection, and industrial rated alarm systems and so on. A customizable system is available with custom drawings and custom built.

Products – A number of accessories are offered by the Micro Grow Systems. It offers the Vent or Shade Controls, Vent or Shade Motors and Gearboxes, Automated Alarm and Dialer and there are also the Custom Built Equipment Switching Cabinets.

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