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Modular Raised Garden Beds

A Modular raised garden is a garden surface that stands above the ground level. It can be custom made or purchased. It could be self watering and non-self watering. It could be portable or non-portable. It may or may not have legs to stand higher. The can be wall mounted or placed on the ground. It can be hanging type, greenhouse, or designer. These raised garden beds can add attraction to any garden. A compact portable raised bed table is ideal for a small kitchen garden to grow any vegetables or herbs. It serves for so many purposes. The other advantages of raised garden beds are it is helpful in efficient irrigation. There is less chance of water wastage and absolutely no soil irrigation. Any nutrient supplement added is retained in the bed and is not washed out during irrigation. A raised garden keeps the other animals from littering the bed and spoiling it. Raised beds make planting depth at the desired level, gives a well organized look to the garden.

Raised garden beds are of many types, cedar raised beds, low cost raised beds, unique raised beds etc. all serve the same purpose, growing plants but at a much cheaper and effective way. The raised bed keeps the weeds to minimal and weeding also is easier. The two or three tiered raised bed gives a cascading effect and is an ornament to any garden. The raised garden bed is usually made of wood, steel, or rocks. The wooden beds can be of many types. It is available in many shapes like rectangular, square, L shaped or U-shaped and even wavy. All these come as planks and provided connectors. The connectors or corners differ with their location and purpose. The connectors makes it possible to connect two planks sideways or even add a third piece together. Rocks can give an aesthetic look to the garden. The modular raised garden comes in standardized sizes. The height of the raised bed can be increased if it is a stackable bed. They can be easily stacked on top of each other and secure them with the corner or side brackets. Even the length can be increased with the connectors. The screws necessary will be provided with the brackets. It gives a smooth and professional finish to the garden bed. Designer brackets are available in the market. Stackable beds are ideal for plants that grow higher and need a deep rooting system.

There are composite and metal modular raised garden beds. There are durable plastic and metal beds. It is modern and stylish and is easy to assemble as well. It gives a pleasing vision when arranged in multiples along the wall. Fencing to ward of animals is another better way to gardening. Raised garden greenhouses are another attractive option. It shields the plants from extreme climatic conditions and the plants are able to grow without any adverse effect. These greenhouse gardens can be placed anywhere in the garden to enhance the look. The steel raised beds are made of galvanized steel that are rust proof and do not bend or wrap. If a sturdy bed is required this is the best choice. They are available in small, medium, or large sizes.

Self watering modular raised garden beds are the most convenient of all. It saves much time and water. The self watering system contains a water reservoir with varying capacity and helps keep the plants watered even in arid conditions. The water reservoir need to be refilled regularly may be once in a week rather than daily watering. The water running system keeps the plants moistened and never water logged so the plants are safe. The reservoir has a pipe with a funnel for easy filling. The water gauge indicates the water level when it is in need of refill. The self watering system with a com-poster is the most economical and stylish raised bed. The com-poster is the effective way to get rid of kitchen waste and use it for more useful purpose. The bed is resistant to weather conditions and is safer to place on any surface. A modular raised garden bed is ideal to beautify any garden, designer landscaping, and a floral edging.

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