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Nanolux digital ballast 400w Review

Nanolux digital ballast

Nanolux digital ballast 400w are electronic ballasts that come with challenging features. They are currently one of the smallest and weightless ballasts available in the market today. If you are looking for a supporting ballast for your grow lights and a perfect partner for your hydroponic system, look no further.

The risein hydroponic system has changed the way people look at gardening. Breaking the conventional methods of gardening comes hydroponic system that helps you to grow plants at a rapid rate without inclusion of any fertilizers and with the perfect grow light, things are just getting better and easier.

The grow lights are an essential feature of your grow system. Many horticulturists use both MH and HPS grow lights as it helps the plants to grow through their different stages. While MH lamps help the plants in vegetating stage, the HPS grow lights help the plants during the flowering and the fruiting stage. Many commercial and personal gardeners use both simultaneously as they can prove as a supporting aid to your plants.

Using cutting edge technology, the Nanolux digital ballast 400w comes in a small size which is easy to manuever and carry around as they are quite light in weight. But do not underestimate the power of this electronic ballast as it comes with all the vital features plus more than what is available in a standard ballast. Let’s check some of the features, shall we?

  • For starters, the Nanolux digital ballast 400w operates easily on MH and HPS bulbs. This means you need not get different ballasts for different grow lights.
  • Initial power draw is slow as it comes with a 0-15 second window feature that ignites the lamp slowly even when you are using multiple ballasts thereby preventing power surging or spikes.
  • Nanolux digital ballast 400w comes with a soft start and soft dimming features that helps you to operate the ballast at 50%, 75% or 100% lamp output. It also helps in increasing the life of your grow lamps without any chance for overload or short circuits.
  • The dimming feature gives your plants much needed support as you can manage the lumens if you feel the heat is getting too much intense for your precious babies.
  • A vital feature of your digital ballast lies in energy savings. Believe it or not, your electronic ballast can give you 30% less energy bills than magnetic ballasts in the market.
  • Nanolux ballast come with an inbuilt Safety Check System that comes with LED indicator that notifies your in case of low voltage. This can help in preventing the whole system by promptly taking care of any malfunctional areas.
  • The electronic ballast takes care of your whole grow light system that enables no lamp flickering and maximum lumens from the bulbs and as you know more the lumens, double the yields.

If this is not enough, Nanolux digital ballast 400w comes with a three year warranty on their product in case you are looking for replacement on parts.

Frequently Asked Questions – Nanolux 400w digital ballast

How does the nanolux digital ballast 400w work for my grow lights?

Nanolux digital ballast 400w are actually quite small compared to other ballasts in the market today. They are quite the lightest and are able to handle both MH/HPS lamps. They feature state-of-the-art technology and are absolutely light in weight with excellent features. What’s more they are 20% cooler than other electronic ballasts and come with dimmable feature which is one of the effective feature to introduce your plants to intense light. They provide a stable frequency of power to the grow lamp that inhibits any fluctuation.

How exactly does the dimmable feature of nanolux ballast 400w work?

The dimmable feature of nanolux electronic/digital ballast 400w helps you to adjust the intensity of the grow lights during each and every stage of plant growth. This will help the plants to absorb necessary lumens at different phases without burning or drying off the leaves.

Can I use the HPS ballast with a MH bulb?

It is definitely NOT recommended since the type of bulb, its functionalities, wattage etc. must match. Hence it is best advised to buy a convertible ballast where you can switch between both the grow bulbs.

My magnetic ballast gets brighter during daytime. Why does it happen?

This is quite normal and occurs because of variation in voltage level. It is a known fact that voltage tends to go up by 10% in a day. The underlying reason is because voltage drops happens when the load (consumption of energy) goes up because of many electrical household appliances. But as more HID lights are added, you can see more of voltage ups and downs.

Do grow lamps last long with digital ballasts?

Yes, that is true and the reason is because unlike normal magnetic ballast that triggers a power spike while switching on is eliminated in digital ballasts. This increases the lifespan of your grow bulb to a good extent. However, it is recommended to change the grow lamps once every 12 months with nanolux ballasts against 6-9 months with magnetic ballast.

Have the nanolux 400w digital ballast been correctly scrutinized and verified?

Each and every Nanolux ballast has been carefully tested before batched up to customers. To top it, nanolux ballasts comes with an inbuilt safety check system along with a LED status indicator which triggers any issue such as uninvited spikes or malfunctions. This will notify you immediately so as to take appropriate measures promptly.

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