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X Nutrients CalMagX (5 Gallon)

X Nutrients CalMagX (5 Gallon)

X Nutrients CalMagX (5 gallon) features three of the essential minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium supplements that are very much needed for proper plant growth. With the proportioned nutrients for your plants, you will be getting a year long yield without missing a day. This can proceed to work really well for many dieters who are opting for plant based diet. They can be used for hydroponics grow system and for soil garden system.

Even plants need vital nutrients for their proper health. X Nutrients CalMagX contains the most vital nutrients that are stepping stone for getting blossoming herbage. X Nutrients CalMagX comes with various quantities such as 1 quart, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, 5 gallons and more. If you are trying for the first time, choose a trial pack so that you can get an idea of how the product works with your plants. X Nutrients CalMagX works with all gardening methods such as hydroponic system, soil, etc.

Calcium in X Nutrients CalMagX (5 gallon)

High humid conditions can really provoke calcium deficiency as it can lower the water intake in the plant. It can also result in dying leaves, rotting fruits and many more. When you utilize calcium for your plants, it stabilizes proper growth that can raise the metabolic rate in plants. It also strengthens the cell wall and protects the plants in combating stress caused by heat temperature. Calcium is very much popular in increasing the stomata function (i.e. dilation of stoma – an opening in leaves so that they can breathe easily). Intake of calcium from the X Nutrients CalMagX can increase the defense mechanism in plants making them stronger to combat any bacteria/fungi that can hinder the growth.

Magnesium in X Nutrients CalMagX (5 gallon):

X Nutrients CalMagX (5 gallon) is filled with whole lot of magnesium that is essential for your plants. In fact, magnesium has an important role to play in the life of plants as it can trigger the level of chlorophyll that leads to effectual photosynthesis. In short, magnesium deficiency can really limit the production of crops.

Iron in X Nutrients CalMagX:

If your plant is showing symptoms of iron deficiency, then X Nutrients CalMagX is the right product for you. Of course, you can use short term remedy such as iron foliar sprays that are readily available but the long term solution of X Nutrients CalMagX is much more effective as it prevents recurrence of the disease. Many conditions such as soil moisture, other concentrative elements such as phosphorus, calcium can cause iron availability.

Bottomline: X Nutrients CalMagX comes with proper proportions of all the three elements that are gifted by the earth which will help the plants to grow lusciously. When you own your X Nutrients CalMagX, you will find the feeding chart and the correct dosage. Make sure you stick to it and do not mix it with any other product (fertilizer/nutrient) you buy.

The recommended dosage is 5 ml for a gallon of reservoir water in hydroponic system. If you are using other growing methods such as soil/coco, take 5 ml per gallon each time you water the plants.

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