All In One Aquaponics System – An Overview

An All in One Aquaponics system is an artificially created natural ecosystem where the plants, fishes, and microbes exist in the same environment in perfect harmony. You can either DIY aquaponics system or order a ready to plug in and play system that works efficiently and have been tested before delivering to you. The best part is you can use it either as a commercial aquaponics system or home aquaponics system. There are many aquaponics system plans for sale that fit both in your budget and space. Here each of these living components complements each other for their respective existence.

Features of an All in One Aquaponics system

  • A fish tank to have the edible fishes to grow. The tank can be a small container to a wide aquarium with deep capacity.
  • Hydroponics unit for the plants to grow. It can have the necessary parts like net cups and the grow mediums suitable.
  • Water pump is used to pump the water to or from the fish to the hydroponics unit.
  • Air pump provides the necessary aeration in both the fish grow space and the hydroponics unit.
    Water sump is used to collect the clean water that is collected from the hydroponics container and is later passed on to the fish tank.
  • In addition to these components, a larger all in one aquaponics unit will also have a solid collecting area, filtration system to sort the good bacteria to sustain in the hydroponics unit to break down the fish waste. A temperature control system is also used for certain types of fishes who could not survive in high temperature water.

How an All in one Aquaponics system works

The all in one aquaponics system works in a cycle. The water in the fish tank gets dirty over time by the frequent fish waste dumped into it. Regularly, this dirty water is pumped into the hydroponics unit. The fish waste that is bad for the fishes is better utilized by the plants as natural fertilizers. For this, the useful bacteria in the water are of great assistance. They convert the fish waste into nitrates that are readily used by the plants for their growth. When these nutrients are absorbed by the plants, the water is ‘purified’ again and is now ready to be pumped back to the fish tank. This way the same water is recycled again and again many times.

In this system, only the fish need to be fed. The fish feed may be purchased that suits the chosen variety. The fishes that can be grown in this all in one aquaponics are catfish, goldfish, barramundi, crayfish etc. The plants that are suitable to grow along with these fishes are the easily growing varieties like herbs, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower etc.

How successful is all in one aquaponics systems

All in one aquaponics system is a successful grow method in ancient China which has now gained much popularity. There are many kits available online to start an all in one aquaponics system at home. It is easier to maintain and there are no chemicals used on the plants even as nutrients. This aquaponics system makes a single solution to have All In One Aquaponics System in the same space without much compromise. If you can be innovative, simply get the water from your existing aquarium to the small hydroponic unit and start anew.

Aquaponics system design

It’s not easy to stumble upon the right design and then building your dream of aquaponics to reality. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, there are lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration before initiating aquaponics system design. Here are five tips to help you know about aquaponics system design.

Media based design of aquaponics system design

There are currently three different styles of systems for growing aquaponics in plants. It includes deep water culture, nutrient film technique and media based. The first and second techniques are derived from hydroponics and tend to be on the costly side but the third one media based comes at an affordable price. There are many other reasons why you can choose media based design such as quick understanding of the concept, cheap price and less equipments, all in one function and so on. You can read about building aquaponics here at

Ebb and Flow design of aquaponics system design

The humblest of all the design is the ebb and flow (i.e. flood and drain method) for many aquaponic gardeners. Prominent features include easy to build and understand, needs only little space, customizable features and quite easy to maintain. Know more about building ebb and flow here

Grow bed for aquaponics system design

Choose the right aquaponics grow bed that is where you will grow your plants and is the core foundation. Its not as simple as buying in a container, throwing in some mud and start growing. Aquaponics is a step by step process and requires good amount of patience. Make sure you have the ideal size of container or raised bed, the element of the box does not emit toxic gas and hinder plant growth not to mention strength to withstand force of media, plants and the water flow.

Location for aquaponics system design

It all comes to the climate you are living in and the availability of space. Best part of aquaponics is you can even grow it at your backyard, indoors or else grow outdoors for a while, shut down the system and start again during the right season. If not, simply move it indoors instead of shutting it down. Heck, you can even set up an aquaponics system indoors or build a greenhouse and set up the aquaponics system there.

Ready to use aquaponics system

You can always go for ready to use aquaponics system. Though the process is quite simple, many growers are just not willing to take the risk of screwing it up. Professional aquaponics system costs around $800+ but you always have the peace of mind that you have got a branded product that has been tested and verified by skilled craftsmanship.

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