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Parabolic Reflector

Parabolic Reflector

Parabolic Reflectors are mainly used for light collection and light distribution purposes. They are commonly purchased to be used in the indoor hydroponics system. The function of the reflector is to redirect the light. This ensures maximum distribution of light to the plants for their quality growth and development. Also using the reflectors makes sure that no light is wasted and the light is distributed to each and every corner of the hydroponic system.

h2>The Features of the Parabolic Reflector are as follows:

Shape – The Parabolic Reflector is circular in shape and is in the form of an umbrella.

Dimensions – The Parabolic Reflector measures 41” diagonally when taking corner to corner and 16” in terms of height.

Made of – The umbrella style Parabolic Reflector is manufactured from white steel plates that are powder coated and has reflective aluminum behind the bulb area. The reflective aluminum helps in redirecting the lights hence making maximum utilization of the lights. This German aluminum reflector provides for a high quality and long lasting life.

Durability – As the Parabolic Reflector is powder coated steel, it makes this reflector durable. Steel or stainless steel used protects the Parabolic Reflector from any rust development, thereby providing a longer life to the reflector.

Compatibility – The Parabolic Reflector is compatible with both the MH lamps as well as the HPS lamps. All different wattage of the MH and HPS lamps goes with the Parabolic Reflector.

Lightweight – The Parabolic Reflector is also light weight making it much easier for the user to assemble it.

Socket – The socket used in the Parabolic Reflector can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. That is, the lights can be hung horizontally or vertically according to the convenience of the indoor hydroponics system. This gives a better convenience of using the Parabolic Reflector. This pre-installed lamp sockets are integrated.

Power Cord – The power cord of the Parabolic Reflector has the dimension of 15 feet. This power cord comes together with the lamp socket.

9Wattage – The Parabolic Reflector works with a wattage of 250w through 1000w.

Hanging clips – There are two hanging clips provided in the Parabolic Reflector package.

Assembly – Unlike other reflectors, the Parabolic Reflector is not completely assembled. There are certain minor assemblies that have to be done by the user before fully functioning their hydroponic grow systems.

Manual – A manual of instructions is provided with the Parabolic Reflector package which makes the conduct of this reflector user friendly. There are detailed step by step instructions given in this manual which gives a better understanding on how to go about the operation of this Parabolic Reflector.

Lamp – The Lamps are not provided along with this package. But if you want to purchase the lamps too you can visit the number of different lamps available at the website of Dealzer.com.

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