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Piranha Trimmer

Trimmers are most useful tools for gardening. It helps to cut plants, grass or lawn and creates a neat and clean surrounding. Market is flooded with various types of trimmers. Piranha is one such known trimmer with various features. Piranha is a new entrant and is designed keeping in mind all the loophole and achievements from the older trimmers.


Piranha Trimmer will prove to be your ultimate harvest assistant. Many of its features are listed below

  • Metal Body – Piranha Trimmer is made of using latest metal fabrication that makes it distinct user.
  • Affordable – The material and metal fabrication makes the unit reasonably priced. As compared to other similar models, piranha costs around 30% less than them.
  • Strong body – The heavy duty construction of Piranha trimmer makes it durable and usable for long time.
  • Sturdy Material – Piranha is equipped with Leeson’s most efficient, made in your home country stainless steel wash down motor to make it competent.
  • Hardware – Piranha trimmer is assembled with stainless steel hardware & tough, fully sealed bearings
  • Components – All components used in piranha trimmer are machined out using 6061 billet aluminum. Further they are anodized to offer you with a durable finish.
  • Easy Replacement – The belts used by piranha trimmer are Gates belts. You can easily buy and replace them from any local auto parts store.
  • Large barrel – A larger slotted barrel is made available with piranha trimmer
  • Hopper – Piranha comes with a Hopper to offers you with double benefits. One it serves as a container and gives you a protective covering while carrying it for traveling or not in use.
  • Adjustable Angle – The easily adjustable trimmer angle gives you capability to trim whatsoever corners of your garden.
  • Simple maintenance – Piranha is uniquely designed to offer you easy cleaning and simple maintenance after use.
  • Different Color – Piranha trimmer is available in custom colors for you to select from.
  • Wheels – For easy mobility, it comes with wheels.
  • Trimmer Dimensions – Width: 15.25” Height: 23”, 25” with wheels and Length: 34.5″
  • Warranty – It comes with 2 Years of restricted Warranty

Piranha is made in your own home country i.e. USA. The downside of this trimmer is the power cord length that would allow you to work just about 50 to 100 feet from an outlet. Use this sturdy, durable, affordable and easy to use trimmer for all your gardening needs.

Credits: http://www.gardena.com/
Credits: http://www.gardena.com/

Frequently Asked Questions – Piranha trimmer

How does the piranha trimmer mower work?

Trimming is one of the essential ‘must have’ in the gardening. Though new in the market, Piranha trimmer is slowly but steadily making its way in the home of every gardener with state-of-the-art features beating old mowing techniques. With the perfect metal body and a large barrel, you can adjust the trimmer to any angle to trim off those growing blades of grasses not to mention easy maneuvering wheels and 2 years of warranty in case of replacement.

What is the advantage of Leeson’s American stainless steel motors in the piranha trimmer?

Leeson’s washguard comes with three phase motors that offers dramatic results that most motors can’t offer. With a stainless shaft, the motors in the piranha trimmer from Leeson come with tough protection that can resist tough weathers, occasional splash, corrosion etc. They come with moisture resistant interior coating that stands strong even during rough use.

What is the piranha door trimmer used for?

The piranha door trimmer has nothing to do with gardening. It is in fact used to cut door frames, pedestals etc. to exact measurement.

How does the Piranha weed trimmer work?

The weed trimmer from Piranha is used to trim even the thickest of weeds. A completely hassle free product, Piranha weed trimmer is eliminates uneven grass and dense weeds with strong cord that holds tightly without letting go.

Where will I find the belts of piranha trimmer?

Piranha trimmer uses Gates belts which you can find in any auto parts store. Simply replace the old to the new as and when needed.
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