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Kind K3 Series LED Grow Lights

Grow light bulbs for plants can really help you to get better yields in hydroponic system indoors. It all comes to the grow light bulb you are choosing. Opt for grow light bulbs that give you the best lumens without shooting up your electricity bills. Read on to all about LED grow light bulbs, their types and choose the one that suits your grow room.

How plant grow light bulbs work?

As it says in the same, they are mainly used for growing plants in a hydroponic system placed in a grow room. They come with different types, sizes and wattages.

When you use the grow lamp, the phosphors and filtering components in the enclosure increases the spectrum that gives you better yields. Many grow bulbs such as fluorescent, HID or LED lights. These grow lights also come with specific genre that can be categorized for growth phase of plants such as flowering, growing etc.

Types of grow light bulbs:

Flurorescent bulbs:

Ideal for plant growth, fluorescent grow light bulbs are often used for growing vegetable indoors. These lights come in tube like format and a variety of sizes such as T5, T8 and T12. Many indoor gardeners prefer T5 as it gives a full spectrum of lumens all over the growing area.

As the grow bulbs are narrower, the brightness and efficiency is much intense especially in a small area. Apart from this, fluorescent bulbs consume less energy than incandescent lights (almost 75%). For instance, a 25 watt fluorescent bulb gives the power of a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. But when you use T5 grow bulbs, you will get double the lumens (i.e. 6500K) than the incandescent light which is a very intense light for your grow room.

An added feature of the fluorescent grow bulbs is the display of cool and warmth that it delivers which means if you choose a higher K, the lamp will give out a bluer or say cool visual illumination and when you choose a lower K, it will give out a red warm appearance.

HID bulbs:

HID lamps can be categorized into two types – HPS and MH grow bulbs. Both of these plant grow light bulbs give intense lumens thatn fluorescent bulbs.

MH bulbs – These grow lights deliver a cool white light that’s strong at the blue end of the spectrum. They do not mess with the plant’s natural colors and is one of the selective choices for your growing room. There are also gold halide bulbs designed for your plants that give away many benefits such as motiviating the blooming phase apart from supporting the foliar growth. Metal Halide bulbs should be replaced every year.

HPS bulbs – The HID HPS bulbs give out a red colored spectrum that works well with plants in the flowering stage. These bulbs have a bit more durable life but make sure to replace them every 18 months. It may also help in increasing the height of the plants but make sure you use MH bulbs too for getting the perfect result.

However, even though you will find heavy blooming during the flowering phase, they very much play with the colors they illuminate. You better use it in a grow room and not use these grow lights in the living room as it will make everyone look jaundiced.

LED Bulbs:

The latest one in the market that offers good technology, LED plant grow light bulbs are absolutely energy efficient and deliver low heat without compromising on the range of spectrum. They even consume less energy and give out less heat and optimized colors that are essential for plant growth. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you cannot ask anything more for your plants.

Bottomline, different plants need different amounts of light. Most of the flowering plants, vegetables need at least 12 to 16 hours of light a day. Make sure you give them at least 8 – 9 hours of darkness per day. Adjust your lamp set up as per the growth of your plants. Fix an automated timer which will help in increasing or decreasing the illumination of the grow lights as per the plants growth and the changing seasons. With good quality reflectors and the perfect grow light at your home, growing plants indoor is not just a hobby but much more.

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