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Cash Crop 5.0 – 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Here’s the ultimate plant growing machine called the Cash Crop 5.0 that enables you to grow plants indoors and with utmost ease. It is a completely automated hydroponic system that can give you super yields right from seeds to plants. With this plant growing machine, gardening indoors only gets better.

Many garden lovers face two problems (1) space limitation especially when they are living in apartments/flats and (2) rise in the usage of pesticides/fertilizers that gives rise to various health problems. To combat this came hydroponic system that completely works on water and certain soluble nutrients that are readily available. Giving all the features comes Cash Crop 5.0 that delivers just what you asked for in a hydroponic system. Let’s look at some of the plant growing features that this machine offers:

Hydroponic system

This plant growing machine – Cash Crop 5.0 is a completely automated hydroponic system that can hold 6 plants at a time. You can either begin with seedlings or with clones itself in the hydroponic system. If you have a tough seedling, you will get organic starter plugs that will help the seeds to germinate rapidly. You can see that the hydroponic system comes with netted cups that will enable the roots to reach the filled water with ease. The system can hold up to 1 gallon of water to quench the thirst of your plants. They come with timer which takes your worry in case you forget to water the plants. Additional nutrient kits helps in early maturity of plants thereby taking your hydroponic system to a whole new level of gardening.

Grow lights

The grow lights are the essence of any hydroponic system that can get you innumerable plants all year long. The grow bulbs help the plants to derive energy from its lumens and perform photosynthesis which makes a positive impact on your plants during its different stages. The plant growing machine, Cash Crop 5.0 comes with six CFL bulbs that support the plants to grow during their growing and flowering stages. While the 2700K CFL lights look after the plants during their flowering phase, 3 grow bulbs of 6500K help the plants during their growing phase. You will also get a hanging light system that will keep the grow lights close to the system.

Another fact to be noted here is the CFL grow bulbs do not emit excess heat and keep your grow cabinet cool at all times. You can also see here that the CFL lights takes only less power than a mini fridge so you need not worry about high utility bills. In fact, CFL bulbs are one of the best partners of many horticulturists who incorporate them in gardening.

Other vital features of plant growing machine

Cash Crop 5.0 comes with other features such as the 190 CFM fan system that re-enacts the wind from the garden. It not only keeps the whole cabinet cool but also helps the plants to breathe freely. You will also find dual carbon filters that fight odor from entering into the cabinet. This means every time you open your grow cabinet, you will find the internal air fresh, crisp and absolutely neutral.

Cash Crop 5.0 also comes with a 10 gallon air pump that triggers oxygen to the hydroponic system. The result is oxygenated water that is directly fed to the plants right from the roots which will boost your yields at a large scale.

Stealth grow box at an affordable price

Best part of this plant growing machine is its efficiency in keeping your secret safe. If you do not want any visitors or neighbors from prying into your cabinet, so be it. The Cash crop 5.0 comes with a lock and key feature that helps you to maintain your privacy. Here is the icing on the cake. All these features comes to you at an affordable price thus saving you big bills especially for those who are on a tight budget. The product comes with an instruction manual that will guide you right from your first grow. If this is not enough, they even throw you a lifetime warranty along with phone and email customer support to help you with any queries on gardening. So stop wondering and start growing.

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