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[restab title=”About” active=”active”]Portable raised garden beds are great for apartments, town homes, small yards, and patios. Gardening in the thick and dense urban area is difficult. The garden lovers will have to satisfy with only a small garden with the very little space available. Portable raised garden beds can be the easiest solution. It is space saving and easy to take from one home to another when moving out. Raised or elevated bed gardens are almost the same as garden but only difference is that it is not placed directly on earth but on box like or tables or table top structures. Raised garden on table looks just like table with 4 legs but has got a small garden on the top. These table beds and other raised beds are highly beneficial for elderly gardeners and back pain sufferers who may find it difficult to bend down to attend to the plants.

The portable raised garden beds are readily available in the market with all the necessary ingredients to prepare for a proper garden. There is no need to prepare the ground for gardening like tilling or other things. The structure will be made of wood, granite or any other material, with the soil and the lining materials to prevent leakage and soil erosion. The material with which it is made varies with the model, purpose, and style. These portable raised garden bed is perfect for kitchen gardening and can ensure safe and insecticide or pesticide free products readily available for cooking. Many herbs useful for home remedies may be grown easily.

Portable raised garden beds may or may not have legs. All raised beds are portable but may not be mobile. The raised beds with legs are easier to move and can be used for different cultivation. For flower garden with orchids these portable gardens can be moved to the shades and when planting something else it can be taken back to the sunlight. These gardens are mostly free of weeds but in case weeds are present they are easily removed with the accessibility from all the four sides of the garden. It reduces insects and other animal attacks and the garden will be free of animal litter. Another advantage is that it can be easily customized for wheel chair users. An arch or depression in the structure can let the wheel chair users roll in and check the plants and care for them.

The portable raised garden is cost effective, since it can be carried to anywhere only the initial investment is necessary. Once the garden is set up only the maintaining charge is applicable and if it is using for kitchen gardening it also cuts expenses in buying vegetables and herbs from the market and fresh veggies are ensured. The soil used is treated there is no risk of harmful chemicals. There are many types of portable gardens available. There may be rolling, designer, wedge like, hanging, greenhouse garden etc. Another attractive option is the self watering portable raised beds. It contains an in built water reservoir and conducting system that has a connecting pipe at the top through which water is refilled whenever necessary. It saves time in watering and there are no worries even if anyone forgets to water the plants. Beautifully designed garden beds add beauty and style to the interior. It is more convenient if it is self watering.[/restab]
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What are portable garden beds? Can I use it in my apartments?

Portable garden beds or portable raised garden beds are great for people who live in apartments, small yards and patios. For all the garden lovers who live in small space, portable garden beds are of great help. They are space saving and can be easily taken from one home to another.

What is the difference between a normal garden and a portable raised bed garden?

Under traditional gardening, we garden or grow plants in soil, whereas in portable garden beds, we do not place the plant directly on earth, instead we place it on a box like or on tables or table top structures.

Are portable garden beds available in the market or should I make one?

Portable garden beds are easily available in the market with all the necessary ingredients to prepare for a proper garden. All raised beds are portable but not mobile. The raised beds with legs are easier to move whereas portable raised beds may or may not have legs.

Are portable garden beds shipped to Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, New Zealand and Sydney?

Yes, portable garden beds are easily available in Australia, Sydney and Brisbane. You get the most latest portable garden beds that are specifically designed to suit the Australian conditions. They provide protection against weather and wildlife.

Where do I get cheap portable garden beds? Which are the cheap portable garden beds available in the market?

Buy cheap portable garden beds from raisedbeds.com http://raisedbeds.com/

I heard that you get good quality portable garden beds at bunnings warehouse. Is it true?

Bunnings warehouse offers wide range of gardening tools and accessories at reasonable price. Are you looking for a complete garden solution? Then Bunnings warehouse is the right choice. Bunnings Warehouse offers wide range of services like tools, building and warehouse, garden outdoor living, kitchen, bathroom and plumbing, paint and decorating, storage and cleaning, lighting and electrical.

I would like to buy portable garden beds with wheels for easy mobility. Which is the best online store to buy?

Raisedbeds.com http://raisedbeds.com/search.php?search_query=portable+garden+beds+with+wheels&x=38&y=23 is the best online provider for portable raised garden beds on wheels. You can also avail for offers and buy them at discounts from rasiedbeds.com

What are the factors to be considered while making a portable raised garden bed?

If you like to be creative, you can try DIY portable garden beds at your home just by considering the following things:

The first thing you need to look into consideration is the kind of wood to use. In most cases cedar is the best option for garden beds because cedar is naturally rot resistant.

Build the bed to any desired height up to your convenience. The most common height is 11”. if you have good soil in hand beneath the bed, the roots will go down deeper as needed to access more soil and nutrients.

Once you have fixed with the length of the raised bed, now lets fix on the width. It is recommended that the width of the bed be no wider than 4′ across. This is because you should be able to access the center of the bed from wither side.

Can I grow vegetables in portable garden beds?

Yes, you can grow vegetables in portable raised garden beds. It is important to consider the soil depth requirements for the roots of the vegetables you want to plant. Depending on the soil conditions beneath your bed, you can build the sides of your bed higher for certain crops.

Are there any portable garden beds made out of plastic or is it that portable garden beds are made in cedar wood?

Yes, you can also use portable raised garden beds made with recycled composite plastic lumber. The benefit of using plastic lumber for portable garden beds is that these are available in a variety of sizes and colors of your choice.

I live in apartments where I have limited space for gardening. I heard about portable garden beds and would like to install one in my balcony. Are there any small portable garden beds available?

For those who are looking for a small portable garden bed or for kids who love to garden, Bunnings warehouse is the right choice. At Bunnings warehouse, you get small portable garden beds of various sizes. Even the smallest raised bed 55*35*41cm brushed steel portable mini garden bed is available at Bunnings warehouse.[/restab][/restabs]

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