Big Buddha Box – Vertical grow cabinets

Big Buddha Box is a fully automated vertical grow cabinets from SuperCloset which combines vertical hydroponics and SuperPonics through VerticalPonic technology. Big Buddha Box can support 78 plants using the Vertical SuperPonics system. This fully automated vertical grow cabinet, 8’ X 8’ vertical hydroponics system, yield 8 – 20 pounds of fruits or vegetables. If it dried herbs of flowers the yield would be around 4 -7.



The VerticalPonic technology used by Big Buddha Box is that it allows a traditional 8’ X 8’ area (64 sq. ft.) of growing space into four vertical growing walls each 4′ x 6′ (24 sq. ft.), which is 120 sq. ft. of utilizable growing space. This will improve the yield rate on per square foot, per watt. As it is known, using the Superponic technology the plants will gain the ability to grow up to 5X faster than the traditional methods.

In Big Buddha box – VerticalPonic grow system the lights are running down the center of the growing space which makes the plants to grow inward at an angle of 45 degree. Plants normally grow towards light. This design with 4 vertical net trellises allows plants to grow a full 3’ in height with perfect light distribution from top to bottom. The VerticalPonic grow system thus produce increased yields and also of very high quality. The average cycle time of growing is the same as traditional but the yields are greater.

Big Buddha Box’s oxygenation system is powered by an 80w air pump. The fully automated watering system makes the watering process hassle free. A 70 gallon water reservoir which serves as a backup to the water supply enables efficient smooth water flow system what is crucial to the success of VerticalPonics. The entire system can be effectively monitored with setting timers for perfect plant hydration.