Cash Crop 3.0 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

The Cash Crop box can grow 6 plants at a time and is suitable for growing seeds or clones that are 6 in number. The grow box is equipped with all the necessities for a healthy plant growth. The most important necessity is water and the reservoir has the capacity to hold 1 gallon of water. The grow box has enough net cups to hold the growing plants. The organic starter plugs for seeds or clones are also included. There are flowering bulbs and grow bulbs that are 3 each for enough light for the plant growth. The light blockage keeps the light inside and stops it from seeping out.

Hydroponics grow box is the easiest way to grow healthy plants faster and in a smaller space. The Cash Crop hydroponics Grow Box is suitable for a small scale growing plants like a small kitchen garden. Since the nutrients are passed on to the plants through water there is no messing up with soil, weeding or any troubles of maintaining. The Cash Crop box is fully automated so no need of remembering to water either.



The air pump is very powerful and the fans efficiently circulate the air around every nook and corner of the grow box. The air pump has capacity of 10 gallons. The whole system works silently and even a whisper might sound loud around. The dual carbon filter controls the odor. The Cash Crop Grow Box is fully automated and has timers to set how long the lights must be on and when to turn it off to create a day or night feel for the plants.
The Cash Crop cabinet keeps the temperature under control and the insulation protects from any shock. The grow box package also includes the nutrients pack. The cabinet has lockable latches and can be safely placed anywhere inside a home with kids around. The plants that are suitable to grow in the Cash Crop Hydroponics grow box are flower plants, tomatoes, herbs for the kitchen or natural remedies and peppers. These plants grow easily anytime, regardless of the season outside.