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Small grow cabinets – is it what you are looking for? What if we have small grow cabinets with both vegetable cabinet and flowering cabinet in two separate sections? It is what LED SuperStar from SuperCloset provides. SuperCloset LED Stealth Grow Boxes are small grow cabinets which uses Kind K3 Series L300 (3 Watt LED) is the perfect choice for the plants growing in the grow boxes. As an all-in-one hydroponic kit, SuperCloset LED Stealth Grow boxes uses unique Superponics systems that grows plants 5X faster, bigger and easier than other stealth grow boxes. The LED SuperStar 3.0 is full-cycle LED stealth grow box which allows you to germinate the seeds, clone the plants, vegetate, and flower at the same time.



LED Superstar grow box is one of the small grow cabinets from Supercloset which can fit anyone from beginners to experienced gardeners. Leaving behind the traditional methods of growing plants, Supercloset brings you LED Superstar grow box that will help you grow plants using only water thereby eliminating the use of soil, fertilizers and pesticides. It comes with superponic system that comes with three watering techniques so that even if one technique fails, you still have the two working till you get it fixed.

The benchmark feature in LED Superstar grow box is obviously the LED grow light. With distinguishing features such as 8 bandwidth spectrum, the grow lights run on low quality and doesn’t charge much on your energy bills. They consume only 50% less power than the traditional HID grow lights in the market. These LED lights in your LED Superstar grow box will help you in getting more yields without putting much heat on your precious plants. This, in fact, negates the idea of owning noisy fans to stabilize the heat of your lights.

The components that are included in this small grow cabinet are:

  • 3 Watt Kind LED grow light – It provides 12 bandwidth spectrums for maximum photosynthetic penetration and hence maximizes production and yield.
  • T-5 Supplemental Side Lighting – It provides cool spectrum supplement for the overhead LED light and support the under canopy production.
  • Completely Automated Superponics System – It combines the deep water culture, top feed, bubble and aeroponics methods which makes the plants grow 5X faster than any traditional methods.
  • Cloning Chamber with SuperCloner – It enables effective germination, cloning and early vegetative growth. The chamber has two 24w T-5 fluorescent bulbs and a cool white 6500k light which is perfect for germination and growing.
  • Vegetative/ Flowering Chamber – The flowering/ vegetative chamber holds up to 16 plants at a time and utilizes the patented SuperPonics watering systems.  These are reservoirs which can hold up to 16 gallons of nutrient rich water and is quiet easy to maintain.
  • Dual Action Activated Carbon Scrubbers – Complete Air Filtration
  • Adjustable Net Screen Trellis – It promotes the yielding of plants by 30%.
  • Internal Circulation fan – This adjustable fan provides a complete air distribution for all corners of the cabinet.
  • Anti-fungal, removable, and adjustable panels – It provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness.
  • Lifetime Customer Support and 3 year warranty. It also contains complimentary DVD, grow tips and an optional CO2 package.

SuperCloset’s LED SuperStar, LED Stealth Grow Box is a perfectly designed small grow cabinets for home with its fully automated, quiet, beautiful, infracool, air and light tight features.

Overall, the three year warranty on LED Superstar grow box is not a bad idea given the cost they come with. Of course, the lifetime support is something that needs to be checked on in future dates. They are a bit expensive but the equipments they come with is fair and needed. While the nutrient kit helps in promoting strong roots and healthy plants, the LED grow lights of the super grow box saves the energy while maintaining the shillings on your pocket.

The only downside is the entire system because as the LED Superstar grow box survives only on water. In a circumstance, where the system breaks down, you need to get it fixed immediately or else your plants could die a tragic death.


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