Super Box 5 in 1 Hydroponic Cabinet


  • The 5 in 1 means it can be used for seedling, cloning, vegetation, flowering, or drying the plants.
  • The cabinet is made of steel and powder coated for the stylish look of a safe.
  • All the controls are placed at the rear and give a sleek look inside.
  • The 200w CFL bulbs give ample light for the plants to grow in and can emit 10,000 lumens.
  • The internal circulation fan is adjustable and makes sure that the air is evenly circulated everywhere. The light stays inside since the seams or any possible outlet is sealed tight.
  • The activated carbon manages the odor and keeps the inside air clean and fresh.
  • Plants that are of any stage can be grown inside and it need not be from the start to the end of life cycle.


The Super Box 5 in 1 Hydroponics Box is very convenient for growing plants that are not lengthy. The cabinet is compact and is only 2-3 ft in height. This fully automated plant grow box can be placed anywhere without taking up much space. This is just apt for growing a few herbs or fruits or flowering plants at home at a faster speed. The box can be used as cloner or can grow seeds. The grow box can hold 8 plants at a time. The plants can be grown anytime and does not have to wait for the right season to plant any particular variety or crop.

  • The water system is kept flowing with the pump and the aeroponics system keep it oxygenated.
  • There are water and air pumps and an optional CO2 provider as well.
  • The package comes with nutrient supplies and pH control kit.
  • The fully automated system has a timer that can control all the activities from water, air, fan, to light according to the time that is set. This is most convenient when going for a weeklong vacation.
  • The cabinet has a lock and key and there is no need to worry about the safety when there are kids running around.