Super Star All in One – Hydroponics Grow Box

The Super Star All in One grow box is all in one where a complete plant cycle can grow inside wt the same time. Right from the germination to flowering and fruiting can be done simultaneously in a single chamber. Super Star grow box is 2 x 2 x 5 sized and holds 4 chambers for germination or seedling, cloning and two flowering chambers. The germination chamber has a removable glass lid and the seedlings when are grown can be easily transferred to the cloning chamber. At this same time 8 flowering plants can easily grow in the superponics grow boxes at the bottom.

The Super Star cabinet is equipped with full spectrum lighting that allows low intensity for the germination and cloning and powerful for the flowering plants. The fluorescent lights on the sides provide all side lighting. The magnetic reflective panel protects the light inside and is durable that doesn’t require replacement after every harvest. It is mold and mildew resistant and can be easily removed and cleaned.



The Super Star cabinet is made of steel and powder coated. The cabinet is of medium height making it suitable for a small apartment. The door of the cabinet can be locked securely both at the top and bottom. The system is fully automated and can be easily left as it is for a maximum of 5 days without any assistance.

The two exhaust fans keep the air inside content and allow the temperature to come down in case it goes beyond the normal mark. The circulating fan is compact and is adjustable. It can be tilted to either side and the height also can be adjusted. This will keep a steady air circulation between the plants and the chambers and at all four corners.

Super Star is provided with net trellises that separates the plants and ensures them to grow at an even height for better yield. The water pump brings the nutrient rich water up to the top and bottom equally. The flowering chamber can hold 16 plants at the same time and plants need not be of the same stage. Each chamber or box can hold different staged plants.

Here are some of the features of the Superstar grow box:

  1. fully automated superponics 8 plant system that helps in speeding up the growth of plants over 2-5x
  2. a mini cloner that helps in easy germination of your seedlings or clones
  3. complete nutrient kit, a product of Technaflora that helps in growing healthy rich, crispy and nutritious plants. With the safe instructions, you will know the measurements of including nutrient to the superstar grow box
  4. analog timer which is quite vital in maintaining the circulation/exhaust fans, lightings of your superstar grow box. With proper programming, you can take the weekend off without worrying about your plants.
  5. you will also be getting rockwool cubes that will help in easy germination of even the toughest of seeds.

Apart from the above features, Superstar grow box comes with various other specifications such as water pump, air pump that aid in efficiently providing water and oxygen to your plants. The plastic holders in the cloning chamber in the Superstar grow box are made out of food grade and doesn’t release toxic gas when exposed to UV rays. The Superstar grow box of Supercloset comes with 3 year warranty which includes a DVD with complete instructions on how it works. The customer service and lifetime support that comes with Superstar grow box helps in making the product a complete success.

Overall, Superstar grow box is not a bad product and many reviews are there to prove it. A general consensus state that the product is absolutely fantastic and many are either in their first or third cycle. Yes, it is a fact that the product is a bit expensive but then good things don’t come easy in life. The quality and the extra equipments thrown in with Superstar grow box are something which cannot be found with any other brand. A general consensus do say that they some of the equipments were missing when they were delivered with the product but then they also advice that people who are staying a far away from the office of Supercloset need to keep a scrutinizing eye when they order products from Supercloset.

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SuperStar HPS Grow Cabinet
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