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SuperCloset grow systems are best grow systems in the market for its unique fully automated Superponics system which grows the plants up to 5X faster than the traditional methods. SuperBox – Grow Closet is the complete automated hydroponic grow system that has all the facilities in-built for the effective growing of plants indoors. Want to grow vegetables or flowers? The choice is yours. SuperBox – Grow Closet is one of the safest, securest and effective indoor gardening facility.



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Grow closets is rapidly gaining popularity with its special technicalities to grow plants and get more yields. The topmost product that stands with head high is undoubedtly SuperCloset grow systems with its unmatchable durability and quality. With SuperCloset, getttin unlimited yields is not a dream anymore. Growing plants indoor with ease and pleasure is what the SuperBox – Grow Closet does. This unique Hydroponic Grow system includes:

  • A Superponics system which is completely automated and combines an efficient top feed watering, effective deep water culture and hi-tech bubble and aeroponics system. This reservoir is featured to hold up to 10 gallons of nutrient rich water. This enables the plants to grow 5X faster and bigger and also enables maximum production in minimum time.
  • A 200w Feliz CFL Lighting System which provides a warm spectrum sufficient enough for the plants to grow healthy.
  • A Vegetative/ Flowering Chamber which can hold up to 8 plants, so that there is enough space for the plants to grow bigger and healthier.
  • An adjustable internal fan for air distribution to all corners of the closet to give sufficient cooling effect to plants.
  • An activated carbon scrubber which supports in proper air filtration.
  • An anti-fungal reflective, adjustable and removable panels are provided for maintaining optimal light distribution and cleanliness inside the grow closet.
  • Additional features include 3 year Warranty, 7day/week lifetime customer support, grow tips and complimentary DVD with proper instructions for the beginners and guide for all.

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Features of grow closet from SuperCloset: Here are some of the features that come with SuperCloset’s grow closet:

  • comes with patent pending superponic system that consists of four watering methods which means even if one fails, the plants will survive with the other three till you get it fixed.
  • with grow closet, you can grow plants 5 times bigger, faster and easier than any other traditional methods
  • reservoir can hold water upto 10 gallons
  • negates the use of soil, fertilizer or harmful pesticides that are hazardous not only for plants but also for humans
  • 18 gauge steel cabinet that is powder coated to extend its life durability and ensure prevention from rusts or termites
  • UV protected and food grade plastic holders for carrying your plants right from germination to blossoming healthy
  • rockwool cubes are provided with your grow closet to enable healthy germination of seeds.

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Reviews received by Grow closet users:

How grow closet grew is recognized by the number of users who have reviewed it correctly. So here are some of the reviews from people who have purchased this product.

Review No.1: “I hate you guys…!!! never ever thought I found a company so reliable and trustworthy. The customer service is wonderful…they helped me a lot during my initial phase of setting up the grow closet as my head was filled with silly clarifications but they patiently clarified everything. I am awaiting my first cycle…” – Brennan, Texas

Review No.2: “I cant say I would prefer this product again. Though the grow closet as a product is fantastic, Supercloset needs to really work on their customer service. I purchased the grow Super Locker from Super Closet but they did not provide me with an instruction DVD. I called them up twice and even though the executive said it has been sent, I am yet to receive this product. If you live far away from the company and prefer excellent communication support, this is NOT for you.” – Ryan, Connecticut


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