Superlocker 3.0 Stealth Grow box

DO NOT worry about your energy bills anymore as the Superlocker 3.0 stealth grow box consumes only 20% energy. Along with the grow box, you will get carbon filters, rock wool cubes to ensure that unpleasant odors do not enter the superponic system and the seeds grow effectively. The trellis system in the Supercloset 3.0 stealth grow box enables the plants to grow directly towards the light and you can adjust the trellis to give enough space for the plants to grow. Supercloset’s Superlocker 3.0 stealth grow box is available for $1295.00 at and comes with a three year warranty on all their internal parts with a lifetime support for any clarifications or technical need be.



The Superlocker 3.0 Stealth Grow box from Supercloset looks like just any other cabinet, yet is powerful in a lot of ways. It is made from the thickest metal available and fit anywhere quite easily. Supercloset 3.0 Steath Grow Box can be used by anyone, a beginner or a master in the field of gardening. From the cloning chamber to the vegetation chamber, every watery need is supplied by a reservoir that stores up to 8 gallons of water and with a timer settings, it only gets better even if you are away. The lighting and the circulation fan adds benefit to the Supercloset Stealth grow box by ensuring enough photosynthesis and providing enough oxygen cum air flow to the plants.