Yielder Max All in One Grow Box

Maximum yield from a minimum space is every plant grower’s dream. This is what Yield Max does, making dreams of many people into a reality. Yielder Max allows 12 plants to grow in the flowering chamber and a maximum of 26 plants, 72 seeds at the same time. The plants can be of the same growth stage or different. Germination, cloning, vegetation, and flowering can all happen in a single system. The system works on hydroponics that is capable of getting more yields in less time. Yielder Max is money saver as well as energy conservative.



Yielder Max Grow Box is a fully automated system that has two chambers that allow a continuous growth of plants that need not wait for one cycle to end to start the next. This facility leads to faster and higher yield. The lighting for the chambers are different and accordingly. The 200w lighting is just apt for plant growth. Additional water proof LED light strips can be added to improve the growth and yield.

The air flow inside the Yielder Max is kept going with the help of a duct blower, circulation fan and a silencer will keep the noise down. The circulatory fan is adjustable to keep the circulation even at all the four corners and makes sure that all the plants get the air evenly. The carbon filters keep the air clean and fresh eliminating any odor. The most unique feature is the fitted filter outside that keeps all the bugs and insects away from harming the plants. The water reservoir in the Yielder Max has 12 gallon capacity which means the roots that provides stable nutrients for better yields. The nutrients are added into the water and the same water may be reused once they run out of nutrients.

The cabinet can be closed and locked securely. The doors are air tight and do not let air or light from the chamber to leak out. The cabinet is made of steel and even has rolling casters for easy moving. The cabinet is solid, fire resistant and shock proof.