LED Grow Lights

Qualities of Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Pots

For growing pots, the grow light has to have a full spectrum light, preferably. The light period is important and need 12 hours of light a day, which means the light should have longevity. The red and blue bands play important roles in vegetative growth and flowering. If the chosen LED grow light has a switch to change from the vegetation to the flowering stage, it is ideal. LED grow lights naturally produce less heat than other grow lights and hence the heat production is not a major issue for the choice. All that matters is the quality of light and the ability to control the lighting.

Best LED grow lights for growing pots

LED is the popular choice for indoor planting and the manufacturers are turning the world over to make new technologies to improve the quality of light produced. Experiments are being done regarding the light spectrum and wavelength and focusing etc. These two factors are the most important regarding the light quality. An LED grow light that can produce maximum spectrum and ideal wavelength is considered the best bet for growing pots. There are many grow lights that boast the number of bands and the wavelength utilized by the plants.

Light Spectrum: A full spectrum grow light would be the best. A full spectrum includes all the necessary light bands and the electromagnetic waves like that from the sunlight. Plants use all these bands in varying amounts. When all these necessary requirements can be fulfilled by a single light it will be the best for the pot plants.

Wavelength: The light wavelength determines the color of the light. Red and blue are the most favored colors but other colors are also relevant. An LED grow light that can have the blue, red, and violet lights would be more than necessary for growing pots as they get all that is needed for faster and healthier growing.

Light focus: Light travels as rays and that can go in all directions. The light from a grow light can go in all directions and it is also possible that most part of it do not fall on the plants. A secondary optical lens helps re-focus the light rays to fall on the growing plants, than wander all over. Though it is not a mandatory criterion in an LED grow light but one that has it would be favored more as it can increase both the intensity and the quality of the light. It also ensures that the plants can utilize most part of the light coming from its source.

Light control: Pot plants grow better in the controlled light with enough photo and dark periods. The light also differs in the growth and flowering periods as well. A timer and the controlling switch to change the light quality for the growth stage ensure more success. These days most LED grow lights have this switch to change from vegetative stage and flowering period. It is also possible to force the pot plants to flower by manipulating the dark hours and light period, so a controlling switch will be most welcome.

These points are to help you find the best LED grow lights. These are the most desired qualities needed by the pot plants and with them in the source, growing pots are much easier.

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